Research Development Programs

UB fosters research development by offering programs that engage its faculty, their mentees, as well as external researcher collaborators and their stakeholders.

Weekly Research-in-Progress (RIP) meetings are scheduled. These multi-disciplinary gatherings allow UB researchers an opportunity to share their current or developing research interests with colleagues. The goal of these gatherings is to nurture critical partnerships, facilitate research excellence, and thereby raise UB’s profile as an emerging research institution well positioned to secure external funding.

UB also offers Biomedical Behavioral Research Seminar once per semester. The emphasis in this programming is designed to shift the institutional research culture from individual research operations (single discipline) to team science and shared resources (inter-disciplinary) for collaboration. Topics have included:

  • BBR Research Methodologies and Clinical Research
  • Fundamentals of Research Methodology, Logic & Study Design and Choosing a Study Design
  • Biostatistics in Biomedical Research
  • Starting a Clinical Research Project
  • Interdisciplinary Community-based Scientific Research
  • Analysis of Basic Research Papers and Clinical Research Papers
  • Team Building & the Role of Collaborative Science
  • Developing a Research Project for Career Continuity

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