Anthony & Louise Soares Institute for Neuroscience

The Anthony and Louise Soares Institute for Neuroscience is located in the School of Education. Situated right off the main pedestrian mall lobby in Carlson Hall, Room 100, the Institute supports research in cognition and pedagogy conducted by its faculty and graduate students. Scholars from the Institute also welcome collaboration with other academic departments, such as Engineering and Health Sciences, in order to conduct inter-disciplinary research. The Institute consists of a comprehensive brain, cognition, and pedagogy library, as well as two electro-encephalography (EEG) units that comprise the Lab portion of the Institute. The two German-manufactured EEG units consist of a high-resolution ANT- Neurolaboratory unit for studying electrical activity in the human brain and an EEGoSport unit that can be used for studying brain activity in study subjects outside of the laboratory.

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