Health Sciences Collaborative Research Lab

The PLC, Controls & IC Laboratory at University of Bridgeport's Electrical Engineering Department teaches students the theory of PLCs.

This course introduces students with little or no background to PLC systems (programmable logic control systems). Students learn the theory of PLC’s: they read, design and understand basic ladder logic; they are aware of potential problems and hazards; they learn to perform common procedures such as editing programs, forcing, clearing faults, etc. Students will also learn how to connect to PLC systems and how to effectively and logically troubleshoot PLC system problems using RSLogix 500/5000, Factory Talk software, Mitsubishi PLC and HMI software. This course is also designed to provide a solid conceptual knowledge base for future learning in the field of Automation.

  • Percent Hands-on: 75%
  • Training Equipment: FX-MR, FX-1n, HMI, SLC 500, ML1000, ML1100, Compact Logic based Training Stations;
  • Computers and software: (Windows XP Pro, RSLogix 500, RSLogix5000, RSLinx, GX-Developer, E-Designer).

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