Health Sciences Collaborative Research Lab

The Health Science Collaborative Research Lab, located on the second floor of Charles Dana Hall, provides a shared research space for Health Sciences faculty. Significant emphasis is placed on advancing the translation of research to clinical practice and increasing interdisciplinary collaboration in key areas of strength to:

  • Conduct research on helping solve the epidemic of chronic diseases that are the result of poor lifestyle choices and are modifiable by better choices related to diet, exercise, stress management, and avoidance of toxic exposures.
  • Facilitate integrative approaches and collaborative investigations of disease mechanisms across health care disciplines.
  • These endeavors include:
    • Microbiology, cell line and molecular laboratory studies to investigate mechanisms and chronic diseases and how they may be modifiable to improve health outcomes.
    • Clinical outcome trials utilizing patient populations in the UB Clinics and regional community healthcare centers.
    • Obtaining externally grant funded research products on nutraceutical, botanical and nutritional supplement interventions to favorably modify chronic disease risk and outcomes.
    • Development of faculty and student research skills and scholarly output by providing mentoring from experienced researchers and primary investigators.

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