Collaborative Biomedical Research Center

The Collaborative Biomedical Research Center (CBRC) serves the University’s growing research enterprise by implementing a research facility that fosters a shared culture of research collaboration. Located on the second floor of Charles Dana Hall, the 4,000 square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art research equipment and the necessary tools for preserving and bio-banking valuable biological samples.

  • The CBRC is an open environment with four interconnected laboratories that include wet, dry, and sterile working spaces.
  • Careful thought was given to the design to ensure it supports the specific needs of the interdisciplinary and collaborative research that CBRC houses.
  • The CBRC’s flexible design, visual openness across floors, and adjacent scientific spaces allow research investigators with different areas of expertise to collectively address common research problems and goals.
  • The CBRC is dedicated to best practices and shared leadership in team science and collaborative research across multiple disciplines that include Biomedical Engineering, Technology Management, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathology, Physics, Physiology, and Pharmacology.
  • The CBRC environment is designed to build cohesion among research groups at UB and will inevitably facilitate the development of a UB research identity that will translate to team discovery.

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