An aerial view of the University of Bridgeport in the Fall

Leadership Team

Stephen Healey

Stephen Healey, PhD

Interim President

Christopher Cassirer

Christopher Cassirer

Executive Vice President

He is responsible for online program development, new digital initiatives, and furthering the University’s mission concerning technology-enabled teaching and learning. Also serving as the University’s chief technology officer, he supervises Information Technology and its related service units.

Manyul im

Manyul Im, PhD

Interim Provost;
Vice President of Academic Affairs

He manages institutional, professional, and specialized accreditation preparation and reports, supervises institutional academic assessments, oversees faculty handbook articulation, revision, and development, and presides over the curriculum approval process.

Michael Ciolfi

Michael Ciolfi

Interim Dean of the College of Health Sciences;
Director of the School of Chiropractic

He is responsible for the strategic plan and vision for the College. The Dean ensures the effective delivery of its educational programs and fosters integrative programs among disciplines within the College and inter-professional practice among its faculty and students.

Khaled Elleithy, PhD

Khaled Elleithy, PhD

Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, Business and Education

As Dean of the College of Engineering, Business and Education, he is responsible for the supervision of faculty, staff and student affairs, development and delivery of curricula and management of accreditation processes.

Johannes (Hans) van der Giessen

Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

He oversees liberal arts programs as well those in the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design, the School of Public and International Affairs, and the School of Professional Studies, to provide full and part-time degrees in areas of design, humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural science, social science, and applied science.

Sara Connolly

Sara Connolly, PhD

Associate Provost;
Director of the Bridgeport Plan

The assistant provost focuses primarily on student success and achievement. She directs a talented team to support students through the Heckman Center for The Bridgeport Plan. She ensures that UB students are afforded the opportunities needed to reach the career they desire as well as the support they need to succeed in college. She takes the lead handling student appeals, and collaborates with the Registrar, faculty, and provost to review policies affecting first-year students.

Desi Imetovski, Esq.

Desi Imetovski, Esq.

General Counsel

Louis R. Izzi, Jr.

Louis R. Izzi, Jr.

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Athletics

Lou oversees all functions related to recruitment, admissions, financial aid and athletics. His work includes directing and supporting efforts for undergraduate, graduate, international and online student enrollment, working with the entire campus community to achieve shared goals. He also oversees the daily operation of UB's Department of Athletics' 13 NCAA Division II varsity sports.

yuet lee

Yuet Lee

Chief Financial Officer

He is responsible for the University’s business, financial, and administrative services. Major responsibilities include administrative services, budgeting and planning, financial accounting, endowment, and investment management. The Office is composed of Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Print and Mail Center, and Student Administrative Services.

Craig Lennon

Craig Lennon

Dean of Students

He leads the University’s retention efforts, supports its commitment to diversity and service, and serves as the chief advocate for student concerns. Highly visible and approachable, he oversees the leadership, management, development, and coordination of student affairs programs and activities throughout the division. 

Robert Schmidt

Robert Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer for Administration & Facilities

Responsible for Facilities Planning and Construction, Campus Safety and Security, Dining Services, Facilities Maintenance, and Campus Management and Conferencing Services.