Dr. Tim Eves, “Dining in Plato’s Cave”

UB’s Writers and Thinkers Series, Necessary Voices, is proud to start its season with a talk by Dr. Time Eves, Professor of Philosophy. Dr. Eves’ talk, “Dining in Plato’s Cave,” asks us to reconsider our commonplace assumptions about what is “good to eat” and how we relate to our fellow creatures. His talk expands on “The Cave,” a monograph that he wrote as part of the UB series The Commons. His talk was followed by refreshments provided by Bridgeport’s legendary vegan/vegetarian restaurant, Bloodroot.

Necessary Voices is, in part, an attempt to take advantage of the wealth of literary and scholarly pursuit at UB and to create intellectual community around ideas. We see this as an opportunity to support this tradition at UB and to initiate our students into it.

If you would like a copy of Dr. Eves’ essay, “The Cave,” please contact the editor of the series, Eric Lehman ( or Diane Krumrey ( We encourage you to bring your class, or make this lecture part of an assignment; if you do, please contact us so we can provide enough seating.

Lecture Video