Edward GeistAssociate Dean, Associate Professor, English, School of Arts and Sciences
Ph.D., University of Virginia
M.A., University of Virginia
B.A. Columbia University

Office Location: 110 Bryant Hall
Telephone: (203) 576-4956
Fax: (203) 576-4051


Prof. Geist is the Director of Literature and Civilization, Director of General Studies, and a literature teacher at UB.  Currently he is responsible for the survey courses in English literature, a course in grammar for students who intend to pursue Master’s degrees in English Education, Shakespeare, various topics courses in literature (most recently Love as a Theme in Literature and Murder as a Theme in Literature), and composition.

Professor Geist received his B.A. in English Literature from Columbia University, and his M.A. and PhD from the University of Virginia.  He served as the president of UB’s Phi Kappa Phi chapter from 2004-2007.

English 209: British Literature I
English 210: British Literature II
English 215: Murder as a Theme in Literature
English 305: Shakespeare

Eighteenth-Century British Literature, William Shakespeare, John Dryden, Restoration Drama

Dr. Geist has published papers on the eighteenth-century British authors Tobias Smollett, Edmund Waller, Richard Sheridan and others. He has also contributed a number of monographs and encyclopedia articles on classical and contemporary writers, including:

“Robertson Davies.” Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction. Beacham Publishing, 1996.
“Edith Wharton.” Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction. Beacham Publishing , 1996.
“Katherine Mansfield.” Beacham’s Popular Fiction. 1991 Update. Washington: Beacham Publishing, 1991.
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