As a result of completing the B.S. in Health Sciences, graduates will be able to apply principles of health and wellness as a lifelong process of learning grounded in the study of basic sciences and the behavioral arts. The students will:

  • Understand fundamental biological, chemical, and physical properties underlying life systems
  • Be able to gather and analyze research data and make inferences based on the data
  • Be aware of professional, ethical, and privacy issues that are pertinent to careers in the health sciences

In addition:

  • Exercise and Fitness students will understand the relationship between exercise and wellness maintenance and be skilled at developing appropriate fitness programs for diverse populations.
  • Nutrition students will understand principles of human nutrition and the relationship to health and wellness using evidence based strategies.
  • Community health education students will understand principles to help people assume more responsibility for their health and well being through educational development, implementation and evaluation of community health programs.
  • Pre-professional students will be broadly prepared to enter professional schools and to successfully meet school admissions criteria.