Students at UB, one of the best accelerated nursing programs in ct

BSN Nursing Program

The goals of the University of Bridgeport School of Nursing (UBSN) are to prepare the graduate nurse for entry-level practice in a variety of health care settings, to provide the foundation for graduate education and/or continued education as a life-long learner, and to contribute to quality patient outcomes. 

One of the top nursing programs in CT, the Traditional BSN is a career-oriented program that provides numerous opportunities for professional and personal growth. Nursing, as a profession, requires true commitment of service to others. While providing care, nurses encounter patients across the lifespan, across cultures, and across the globe.

The Traditional BSN program is designed to prepare a nurse generalist for entry into professional practice. The Traditional BSN Curriculum is comprised of a total of 120 credits. The 8-semester curriculum provides 55 credits in general education and 65 credits in the nursing major.

The nursing program builds on a foundation of the liberal arts and sciences and integrates four major concepts:

  • Patient-centeredness
  • Spirit of inquiry
  • Nursing judgment
  • Communication within inter-professional practice in a variety of health care settings

The UBSN baccalaureate graduate is prepared through a teaching-learning environment that values reciprocal lifelong learning processes that nurture personal and professional growth.

Building nursing leaders for quality practice is facilitated through the development of critical reasoning necessary for complex problem-solving, the ability to use a variety of technologies and resources essential to the practice of nursing, and the introduction to the limitless possibilities of the nursing profession. The Traditional BSN program prepares nursing graduates for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination and for entry into professional practice.