Dr. Tarek Sobh teaching students artificial intelligence with robots

Masters in Artificial Intelligence, MS Degree Program

Recognized as a leader in innovation and research, the University of Bridgeport is true to its mission as a career-oriented institution that prepares students for the careers of tomorrow — where job titles are still yet to be written. The AI field is a growing niche area and is now the centerpiece of technology innovation in advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles, knowledge automation, and computer vision.

UB is pleased to launch the first and only Master of Science program, MS in Artificial Intelligence in the state of Connecticut. Instruction is exclusively face-to-face and includes web-assisted courses. Graduates will be prepared for in-demand commercial or research positions in industry (including tech giants) and academia.


Artificial intelligence is one of four main drivers set to dominate 2018-20 that will positively affect business growth per the World Economic Forum (WEC) 2018 report. Machines and algorithms in the workplace are set to create 133 million new roles (WEC).

Jobs in emerging professions are set to increase its share of employment from 16% to 27% of the total employee base. Information cited from WEC's The Future of Jobs Report, 2018.

The average salary for AI is $121k annually per Payscale. A machine learning engineer’s salary is $142,855, per the job listing site

AI Concentrations

  • Robotics and Automation
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Data Sciences and Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity

Interdisciplinary Robotics, Intelligent Sensing, and Control Laboratory

The Interdisciplinary RISC lab was formed in 1995 by its founder and coordinator, Professor Tarek Sobh, in order to do research in a variety of Robotics related fields, and as a step towards the development of commercially applicable projects. It is a 3D manufacturing facility for robotic manipulators, autonomous robots and sensory interpreters, unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.


RISC Laboratory Projects