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Course Requirements

  • Nine credit hours in foundations of education coursework
    • differentiated instruction
    • educational psychology
    • special education
  • Twenty-four hours of professional education requirements
    • content subject areas
    • curriculum and methods of teaching
    • statutory state requirements
    • field experiences
  • Sixty to seventy-day (twelve to fourteen-week) residency (student) teaching experience (six credit hours)

Certification Requirements

All students must complete the following undergraduate coursework to be eligible for entry into the Certification Track option:

  • English
  • Math (College Algebra, Pre-Calculus or higher)
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Fine Arts or World Language
  • Lifespan Development
  • U.S. History (survey course covering at least 50 years)

Resident Teaching

The Resident Teaching experience is a full 60 days of teaching in a school under the direction of a trained Cooperating Teacher. The arrangement for the placements is made through the School of Education and are also supervised by University staff.