female student


First Term

MSPA 511 Anatomy I with Lab
MSPA 521 Physiology I
MSPA 551 History and Physical Exam I with Lab
MSPA 529 Clinical Medicine I
MSPA 565 Integrative Medicine & Practice
MSPA 575 Global Health and Preventive Medicine

First Term Total Credits: 18

Second Term

MSPA 512 Anatomy II with Lab
MSPA 522 Physiology II
MSPA 552 History and Physical Exam II with Lab
MSPA 530 Clinical Medicine II
MSPA 534 Correlative Medicine I
MSPA 581 Pharmacology I

Second Term Total Credits: 20

Third Term

MSPA 533 Clinical Medicine III
MSPA 542 Correlative Medicine II
MSPA 582 Pharmacology II
MSPA 556 Patient Education, Nutrition & Counseling
MSPA 574 Medical Ethics & Professional Practice
MSPA 591 Technical Skills with lab

Third Term Total Credits: 19

Fourth Term

MSPA 602 Information Literacy and Medical Writing
MSPA 671 Research Methods
MSPA 651 Internal Medicine Rotation
MSPA 661 Capstone Project I

1 of any of the 8 clerkships
Fourth Term Total Credits: 13

Fifth Term

MSPA 652 Pediatrics Clerkship
MSPA 653 Surgery Clerkship
MSPA 654 Emergency Medicine Clerkship

3 of any of the 8 clerkships
Fifth Term Total Credits: 15

Sixth Term

MSPA 655 OB/GYN Clerkship
MSPA 656 Family Practice Clerkship

2 of any of the 8 clerkships
Sixth Term Total Credits: 10


Seventh Term

MSPA 657 Psychiatry Clerkship
MSPA 659 Elective Clerkship
MSPA 695 Graduate Logistics
MSPA 662 Capstone Project II

2 of any of the 8 clerkships
Seventh Term Total Credits: 13