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The Office of Campus Activities and Civic Engagement aims to create a vibrant campus community through active student engagement.

We believe that:

  • A student’s college experience is shaped not only by their in class experiences, but their involvement outside the classroom
  • Out of classroom experiences equip students with skills that will help them make a significant impact on campus, in their communities, and in their future careers.
  • An engaged student body creates a community that is vibrant and exciting for all.


The Office of Campus Activities and Civic Engagement accomplishes our vision by creating opportunities for students to become engaged in student organizations, leadership development, and community service.

The Office provides mentorship and development for all student clubs and organizations. Events and activities approved by the Office are designed to motivate, challenge, introduce and create opportunities for education– both inside and outside the classroom.

The Office of Campus Activities and Civic Engagement supports student development through hands-on experiences in the following areas:

  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Leadership Development
  • Service Opportunities
  • Social Events
  • Student Programming Board
  • Student Government Association