Student Leadership Development

University of Bridgeport believes that anyone can be a leader, regardless of position. Leadership is a process by which individuals and groups work toward positive change and can be demonstrated in many different ways. To be an effective leader, individuals must know themselves and act in a manner consistent with their values.

UB offers several opportunities for students to explore and develop their leadership potential. We believe that:

  • Leadership is a process by which individuals and groups work toward positive change.
  • Individuals must know themselves and act in a way that is consistent with their values in order to be an effective leader.
  • Anyone can be a leader, regardless of position or role.
  • Leadership is demonstrated in different ways, depending on the individual and situation.

All leadership opportunities on campus are rooted in our core leadership competencies in order to allow students to build necessary skills to be a successful student-leader, as well as a successful professional upon graduation!

Student Leadership Institute

Become a better leader through our certificate programs: The Student Leadership Institute (SLI) was created in Spring 2016 as a two-tiered leadership development certificate program aimed to assist students in increasing both personal and organizational success. SLI allows University of Bridgeport students of all levels to develop self-awareness, learn strategies to improve leadership skills, and directly apply competencies to their leadership work. Through retreats, interactive workshops, and activities, students will build on six competency areas including community engagement, reasoning and thought, communication, group dynamics, personal behavior, and self-awareness and development.

Student testimonials

“I have enjoyed every aspect of the Student Leadership Institute from start to finish. I was able to hone into my strengths as a leader and understand how to properly utilize my leadership traits” - Spring 2016 participant
“The Student Leadership Institute was extremely helpful. I have been able to implement a lot of what I have learned into the different organizations I am apart of on campus, and have seen positive changes in the way that my organizations have resolved conflict and grew in campus engagement. I learned a lot from the other students in the program through our activities and discussions. Their answers and comments throughout the workshops helped me to see other things I can do to be a better leader.” - Spring 2019 participant

Application information

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is the first tier of the Student Leadership Institute and is open to all students looking to learn more about their personal strengths and leadership styles in order to build a foundation of strong leadership. Emerging Leaders is offered every Spring semester and is by application only. Preference is given to Freshmen and Sophomores.


Leadership opportunities

Strengthen your team with a Leadership Workshop

Need helping working together? Want to keep striving to your goals in effective way? Interested in better training your members and executive board? We can help!

Workshops can be designed for individual clubs, organizations, athletic teams, and academic courses to enhance performance and grow the potential of all individuals. Each requested workshop is personalized based on your needs and requests. Please request your workshop at least two weeks in advance. A few topics we cover are below.

Workshops can be designed for individual clubs, organizations, athletic teams, and academic courses. Sample topics include:

  • Team Building
  • GRIT/Motivation
  • Effective Communication
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Goal Setting
  • Conflict Management
  • Event Planning
  • Self-awareness and values
  • Organizational Management
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • And much more!

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