students playing and reading music


The Music (BM) degree program provide a common foundation for all music students.

  • Private lessons on the major instrument each semester of residence (at least 6 credits)

  • Four semesters of music theory (12 credits)
  • Four semesters of aural theory (4 credits)
  • 4 courses in Music History (9-12 credits)
  • Piano study (2 credits or more)
  • One semester of music technology (3 credits)
  • Performing in one or more ensembles each semester of residence (at least 3 credits)

Each concentration consists of 38 credits, so Bachelor of Music students complete 80 credits in the major and 40 in the liberal arts and sciences. See the Concentrations page for information on our Music Business, Music Education, and Music Performance programs.

General Education Requirements

ENGL 101 Composition & Rhetoric: 3 credits
MATH 102 or 103 Intermediate Algebra: 3 credits
HUM Humanities Core: 6 credits
SOSC Social Sciences: 6 credits
SCI Natural Sciences Core: 6 credits
FA Fine Arts Core: 3 credits
FYS 101 First Year Studies: 3 credits
CAPS 390 Capstone Seminar: 3 credits
Liberal Arts Electives: 7 credits

Total: 40 credits

By majoring in music at UB, students will:

  • Develop a strong foundation in the theory and history of music
  • In the B.M. select one or more musical concentrations—performance, education, or music business—and develop foundational skills in that area
  • Further develop their skills as a singer or instrumentalist
  • Possess sufficient musical acumen to make creative contributions to musical performances and ensembles
  • Further their ability to work in, learn from, and teach groups composed of learners from diverse backgrounds and with multiple skill levels
  • Be able to connect musical knowledge with the learning occurring in the general education component of the undergraduate curriculum