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The University of Bridgeport – Discovery Museum STEM on Wheels bus is a mobile laboratory, which offers hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) experiences for area K-12 classrooms.

During the academic school year, University of Bridgeport (UB) College of Engineering, Business and Education faculty and students and Discovery Museum staff travel to area elementary, middle and high schools and immerse students in exciting, interactive activities using technology typically not available in most classrooms.

Activities include:

Dash is a robot children can code to dance, sing and respond to voices and sound. Students learn basic coding practices by programming movements and sounds for Dash through a series of iPad apps. Dash’s head and body are covered in lights and can also see, hear and speak in limited ways. This physical toy allows children to connect with mental models of what coding is, as well as learn specific coding languages so that they are prepared for further study if they wish.

Students design a tool for use in space by astronauts on the International Space Station. As in real-world engineering, the tool must meet specific requirements. Students learn basic concepts related to engineering and material design and 3-D printing.

Mechatronics is a branch of engineering that combines both electronics and mechanical engineering. Students use Arduino microcontroller kits to learn the fundamentals of mechatronics. From triggering LED light patterns to controlling the rotation, range and speed of servomotors to simulate a robot’s motions, students will be encouraged to experiment with this engaging technology.

Hundreds of satellites orbit the Earth and their data used every day for car navigation, telephones and broadcasts. Satellites also monitor and collect environmental information from climate change, ocean health, global forest fires and flood warnings. Students will learn to download and use Landsat satellite data to conduct their own urban and landscape evolution studies.

Thermal imaging cameras (infrared cameras) are powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use troubleshooting engineering tools with innumerable uses in the industrial and general domain. They clearly reveal problems related to energy loss, moisture intrusion, and over- or under-heating of electrical and mechanical equipment. They are used by police in chases and by fire fighters to visualize inaccessible areas during hazardous situations. This is a fun activity for students as they can view the thermal image of their surroundings in real time.

Where in the world is that satellite! Students learn about the different types of satellites, their orbits and how to determine a satellite’s location in space. Students will use AGI STK software to learn to track satellites, create satellite constellations and how to position ground stations on Earth to communicate with those satellites.

Students learn how X-ray technology can be used in real world applications such as imaging mice for cancer and bone research studies, fish for environmental studies, seeds for viability, detonators for safe mine blasts and fruits and vegetables for quality control. The system can x-ray small articles like currency bills or flowers in an automatic and safe, self-contained x-ray cabinet. They will gain an understanding of how X-ray technology works to enhance health care, the environment, crops and many facets of day-to-day life.

In addition to CHEFA and Fox Corporation grants, the STEM on Wheels mobile laboratory has been made possible by funding and/or donations from Greater Bridgeport Transit (GBT), NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium and KUBTEC Scientific.

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STEM on Wheels is coming to UB!

The STEM bus will be part of Faculty Research Day on Friday, April 3, 2020.

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Team Members

Ruba S. Deeb, Ph.D.

STEM Bus Project Principal Investigator and Director;
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Technology Management;
Director of Biomedical Research Development
University of Bridgeport

Nancy DeJarnette, Ed.D.

STEM Bus Project Co-Director;
Associate Professor of Education;
Director of Elementary Education & Accreditation
University of Bridgeport

Jani Pallis, Ph.D.

STEM Bus Project Co-Principal Investigator and Co-Director;
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bridgeport

Tarek Sobh, Ph.D., Institutional Official

Executive Vice President for Research & Economic Development;
Dean of the College of Engineering, Business, and Education
University of Bridgeport

Sarah Tropp-Pacelli

STEM Bus Project Co-Director;
Director of STEM Learning Programs
The Discovery Museum and Planetarium