The Division of Graduate Studies and Research provides leadership, guidance, and management for graduate programming and sponsored research at University of Bridgeport.


The Division of Research and Economic Development provides access to searchable databases, UB-sponsored research funding, and the seed grants offered through the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs and the seed commercialization grants available through the Technology Commercialization Group.

Funding Resources

Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) provides pre-award through post-award administrative management for all sponsored projects at University of Bridgeport. Faculty and staff members are strongly encouraged to consult with the OSRP in the early stages of project development.

All grant applications and requests for funding with University of Bridgeport as the lead organizational applicant or as a partner in another organization’s application must be processed through the OSRP for an initial pre-approval and final authorization for submission.

Undergraduate Council on Research and Scholarship

The Undergraduate Council on Research and Scholarship aims to promote a culture of inquiry by furthering professional development through the advancement of knowledge and production of research. The council provides opportunities for the creation of distinctive curricula based upon the collective and discipline specific expertise of university faculty while fostering faculty-student mentorship at the undergraduate level.

Assistantships and Scholarships Office

The Assistantships and Scholarships Office (ASO) is responsible for developing and implementing criteria for the following awards:

  • Graduate Assistantships
  • Research Assistantships
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Ph.D. Scholarships
The Office is also responsible for monitoring the awards, recipients, and continuation of awards as well as controlling the overall budgetary allocation. The Deans and Directors are responsible for making recommendations regarding the awardees for the different types of scholarships and assistantships.

Faculty Research Council

The Faculty Research Council (FRC) is comprised of faculty representatives from UB’s colleges, schools and institutes. The Council is responsible for awarding funds through the Seed Money Grant Program and sponsors Faculty Research Day.

Seed Money Grant Program

The Seed Money Grant Program has been established to provide funding for initial research, the results of which to be used to develop a grant application to one or more federal, state, or private funders.

Faculty Research Day

This day-long, annual event showcases the current research of UB faculty and students through poster presentations and breakout session. A keynote speaker highlights the luncheon. UB faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate) compete for poster awards.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council (GC) is an elected body of representatives from the schools, institutes, and colleges that offer graduate programs at University of Bridgeport. The Council discusses, structures and approves mechanisms for across-school graduate curricula management; devises and establishes academic policies and procedures relating to the graduate programs at UB; manages new curricular, course and program changes, additions and approvals; and in general supports the development of graduate programs at UB.

Intellectual Property Board

The Intellectual Property Board (IPB) supports the evaluation, disposition, and appeals process in determining the commercial potential of an invention or copyrightable work. Complete information, instructions, and forms are available to UB faculty, staff, and students on the UB portal.

Institutional Review Board

The UB Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for the review and approval of all research using human subjects at University of Bridgeport. Such research activities must be approved by the IRB prior to the collection of any data or conducting any experiments. Complete information, instructions and forms are available to UB faculty, staff and students on the UB portal.

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