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Modern technology now provides industries of all kinds with the ability to gather vast amounts of data. But data requires more than just flashy dashboards and reports. In order to make better data-driven business decisions, employers require hybrid IT/business professionals to make data meaningful. Our STEM designated master’s in Analytics program was built with this need in mind.

In the Master of Science in Analytics degree program, we will help you:

  • Develop the critical thinking skills necessary to combine complex data and business value and turn it into actionable insight
  • Cultivate expertise in analysis, management, solution architecture and delivery, and hands-on technical skill
  • Experience opportunities for inquiry and professional development

Learning outcomes

You will integrate the knowledge and skills gained throughout the Master of Science in Analytics program to enhance critical thinking and data mastery by:


  • Demonstrating an understanding of concepts learned throughout this graduate program
  • Describing the business drivers and critical success factors for effective analytics project and program delivery
  • Using research, tools and techniques for complex analytical solutions that capture, consolidate and present information for meaningful insights


  • Communicating complicated information at a professional level via comfort and confidence telling compelling stories using data
  • Understanding how to manage all aspects of the data capture, delivery and analysis process
  • Demonstrating initiative, discipline, and follow-through on assignments and projects
  • Facilitating meaningful dialogue related to class topics


  • Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of analytics solution designs, tools and visualization options
  • Analyzing trends within data and facilitating their application
  • Applying the theories and techniques learned throughout this program with focus on economics, ethics, finance, marketing, project, sourcing and vendor management

UB also offers a dual MS in Data Analytics + MBA degree where you can earn two marketable degrees with minimal additional time. Ask your admissions officer for more information.

Courses led by business leaders

Our faculty not only hold terminal degrees, but also bring an unparalleled level of real-world experience to the classroom. Drawing on expertise gained in the corporate sector, our professors impart time-tested best practices and deep business acumen to every lecture. By learning from business

A word from the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business

“Prospective students often ask what makes UB’s MS in Data Analytics unique. We designed our program for everybody. Whether you're a full-time student or a professional looking to enhance your career, you'll learn analytics from the ground up. Our program is practical. We provide the business breadth and technical depth you'll need to help transform your business with data. Our faculty has extensive industry experience. They're not just speaking from books, they've done it on the job, and they're ready to share their stories with you.”

Michael Lohle, PhD, PMP

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