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What Do the Best Chiropractic Schools Offer?

Now that you’ve decided to attend Chiropractic school, you may be wondering which one is best for you. How do you find the best Chiropractic school to complete your education—one that is reputable, that offers practical training, and that will support you in future opportunities?

Below is some insight on what to look for when choosing a Doctor of Chiropractic school.


When looking at accreditation, it is important chose a school that has both regional and programmatic accreditation. In order to be licensed, the Doctor of Chiropractic program you attend needs to be accredited by The Council on Chiropractic Education. This accreditation ensures the school meets certain Chiropractic school requirements for their program and students, such as admitting students who meet GPA and prerequisite requirements.

Facilities – Cadaver Lab

The best Chiropractic schools have a curriculum with a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology. Some schools, like University of Bridgeport, have an on-campus cadaver lab to give students unmatched experience and knowledge. Our cadaver lab is open to Chiropractic students after class hours, allowing for additional study time. This gives students an advantage when they move on to their clinical years.

Clinical Experiences

When it comes to clinical chiropractic experience, there are a few questions you should ask a prospective Chiropractic school. Do they have an on-campus clinic for students to gain experience at? For off campus rotations, is there a lottery system for students to receive the hours? How many rotations are students required to do on verses off campus?

Post-Graduate Residencies

At University of Bridgeport, Chiropractic students have the ability to apply to a residency after graduation through the Veterans Affairs Hospital. The residency is paid and one year long. It is a great opportunity for students who might want to get employed with the VA. University of Bridgeport is one of four Chiropractic schools in the country to be partnered with a VA facility for postgraduate residencies.

Dual Degrees

Some Chiropractic schools offer joint degree options for students to receive a master’s degree, along with their doctorate. At University of Bridgeport, Chiropractic students can choose from a master’s in either Acupuncture or Human Nutrition. This allows chiropractors to add more skills to their portfolio and better assist their patients.


When looking at a Chiropractic school, you want the faculty to be experienced practitioners in the field. The faculty are an important representation of the methodology and quality of education you will receive. Faculty who are actively engaged in research facilitate more meaningful and engaging classroom discussions.

Support Services

Attending a school with a wide range of support services will ensure your academic success. Schools that have tutoring, counseling, and accessibility services will be more able to accommodate your individual needs. If you’ll be travelling for school, you may also want to look at chiropractic schools with on-campus housing options as well.


Accredited Chiropractic schools are required to post their completion and NBCE pass rates on their websites. Attending a school with a high pass rate is a good indication of the quality of education you’ll receive and help in your success as a future chiropractor.

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