engineering program passes accreditation

University of Bridgeport Engineering Program Passes Accreditation with Flying Colors

by Eric D. Lehman, Associate Professor, Communications Specialist

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accreditation commissions have approved three majors in the School of Engineering at University of Bridgeport (UB) through September 30, 2028. The programs include Computer Engineering (BS CPEG), Electrical Engineering (BS ELEG), and Mechanical Engineering (BS MEEG), a newly accredited program at the University.

“It is an exceptional result,” says Dr. Khaled Elleithy, Dean of the College of Engineering, Business, and Education, “especially considering all the challenges we faced during the pandemic and transition.”

“The Electrical Engineering program at UB was initiated in 1956, and the first students graduated in 1960,” continues Dr. Elleithy. “The program sought ABET accreditation in 1960 and that accreditation was conferred in 1961. The Computer Engineering program sought ABET accreditation in 1988 and that accreditation was conferred in 1989.”

Four accreditation commissions lead and conduct ABET accreditation activities and are responsible for reviewing educational programs and making the final accreditation decision for each program. Having an ABET accreditation for UB’s engineering programs is an important reason why they are so highly respected by people in the discipline. The report stated, in part, that:

“The engineering faculty members demonstrated exemplary virtue during a time where the future of the university was in doubt. They showed dedication and fortitude in assuming additional workload to ensure that a full slate of courses was offered each term despite the loss of faculty, their laboratory technician, and a reduction in their salaries. The engineering faculty members’ actions and attitudes provided the students a high-quality education.”

The report sent ripples of excitement through the school of engineering department and the rest of UB. “This is outstanding news and an outstanding accreditation report,” said UB president Danielle Wilken. “Congratulations to all of the engineering faculty for their hard work. We have a lot to be proud of!”

The results of the evaluation will be posted to the public on the ABET website in October 2022.