Campus Guidelines

The State of Connecticut and the Connecticut Council of Independent Colleges provided institutions with significant guidance for a phased return to on-campus operations being implemented over the course of the summer. Colleges and universities are empowered to draft their own plans that must comply with regulations at the local, state, and national agency levels. These regulations are in place to safeguard the health of all employees and students.

The following documents must be reviewed and/or completed by all before returning to campus. All documents can be found on the Employee Portal under "Covid-19 Documents." We ask that you to follow the guidelines provided to ensure the health and safety of the campus community.

  1. COVID-19 Safety Training - Review one time. IT will keep a record of those who have viewed the document.
  2. COVID-19 Safety Training Quiz - Complete one time.
  3. UB COVID-19 Interim Policies - Review frequently.
  4. UB COVID-19 Employee Return to Work Self-Certification - Complete upon initial return to work and after an extended absence.
  5. Daily Health Assessment - Complete daily on LiveSafe by selecting the grey Health Verification Tool card. See instructions on how to download LiveSafe. If your phone does not support it, you can access the form on the portal. Employee submissions will be sent to HR.
  6. UB Employee Contact Information Sheet - Complete daily, while on campus, by the end of your shift. Submissions will be monitored by HR.
  7. Return to Work Checklist - Complete one time. Submissions shall be sent to your assigned program administrator.

All students and employees must participate in a required training session that includes information about COVID-19, your responsibilities to prevent its spread, and UB’s policies and procedures that were put in place to respond to the pandemic. Faculty and staff members that have not completed a training session in the fall must complete training prior to their return to spring 2021 on-campus operations.

Employees are expected to maintain six feet of physical distance for all interactions on campus. Meetings should be held using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. In order to comply with the six foot distancing, new occupancy standards will be created for student housing, classrooms, and meeting spaces on campus. Use of UB spaces will require adherence to the new occupancy limits.

Contact tracing is critical to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to members of the UB community. Employees are required to cooperate with contact tracing efforts by completing daily documentation and submitting the web form. At minimum, the contact web form must be completed daily to record buildings accessed.

All UB employees and students are required to wear masks inside all campus buildings, except in private offices and research labs when others are not present.

UB housekeeping and janitorial staff will be working to clean and sanitize public spaces in buildings, but employees are responsible for cleaning their individual offices or workstations.

The food service team at Sodexo is taking a cautious, measured approach that gives students the confidence to enjoy meals on campus, as well as the flexibility to choose the dining options that make them feel most comfortable.

The world will not return to normal overnight, and neither will this campus. Rather, we will move in steps toward a “new normal” that safeguards health while allowing campus activities to resume. Our phased approach enables dining teams to proactively support each level of this transition with appropriate tools and techniques that strictly follow local, state, and federal guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment
Employees will wear masks and gloves.

Hand Washing
Staff will continue to wash hands frequently.

Team Member Health
Employees will regularly report on their health, including temperature checks.

Food Safety
Self-service options will be eliminated.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting
High-touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently with professional-grade products.

Social Distancing Measures
When dining rooms are open, they will have limited seating capacity, updated configurations, and floor markers to encourage social distancing.

Touchless entryways and cashless payments will limit contact between dining staff and students.

Carryout and Prepackaged Options
Expanded options for carryout orders where feasible.

We know how difficult the last few months have been, and we recognize that students and parents may have reservations about dining outside the home. We want to assure you that the campus dining team is taking every precaution to deliver safe, high-quality food in a carefully controlled environment. Safeguarding the health and well-being of every member of the campus community is our highest priority.

Although there may be challenges ahead as the world recovers, we are optimistic that together we can rise to these challenges. Driven by a confident resolve, Sodexo’s careful and systematic approach will keep students, faculty, and staff who dine on campus safe and healthy.

All UB employees and students are expected to uphold the new policies, procedures, and standards that ensure the health and safety of the community. Departmental and program administrators will monitor employee compliance and policies will be enforced by Human Resources. New policies related to students will be added to the Key to UB. The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for ensuring students’ compliance with safety policies and protocol.

See more information about returning to work on the Employee Portal under "Covid-19 Documents."

What to Do If You Become Ill

If you experience fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, stay home and contact a healthcare provider for guidance—do not go to a healthcare facility before you have called your primary care physician or a hospital emergency room for instructions.