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How to Become a School Administrator

Teachers provide their students with far more than just academic instruction. Besides tutelage in English or Math, teachers can impact the emotional development and well-being of their pupils, well beyond their time in the classroom. But, despite the influence that teachers have on their students, they rarely have the ability to enact change in their schools or school districts. Instead, teachers need the support of school administrators and superintendents to make sure that the best policies are put in place and enforced. In Connecticut, candidates interested in working in school administration must meet certain certification and education requirements. If you’re interested in becoming a school administrator, continue reading to learn about the process.

School Administrator Education Requirements

In order to become a school administrator, candidates must earn, at minimum, a master’s degree in a related field, from a regionally accredited institution. In addition to a master’s degree, candidates must complete 30 semester hours of a program in education and leadership. Candidates must also pass the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT).

Types of Administrative Certifications in Connecticut

The Connecticut State Department of Education offers two kinds of administrative certificates for candidates who want to become school administrators. In order to work as an assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent, or superintendent, educators must complete certification programs. The first a candidate must earn is the Intermediate Administration certification.

Intermediate Administration

In order to earn this certification, candidates must earn a master’s degree, complete 18 semester hours of graduate credit beyond a master’s degree (092 Certification), and complete 50 months of teaching experience. They must also pass the Connecticut Administrator Test by receiving at least three passing scores and one conditional score

and the four sections of the test. In Connecticut, there are three forms of this certification: Initial, Provisional, and Professional. To move from the Initial certification to Provisional, candidates must complete 10 months of experience under the Initial certificate. To move from the Provisional to the Professional level of certification, candidates must complete 30 months of experience while holding their Provisional certification.

Superintendent of Schools

Candidates who want to become superintendents must earn a master’s degree, complete 30 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the master’s degree, and complete 80 school months of teaching experience including 30 months of full-time administrative experience. Candidates must complete coursework in Pedagogy, Psychology, Program Monitoring, Curriculum Development, School Administration, Personnel Supervision, and Contemporary Educational Problems. Additionally, candidates must complete at least 36 hours in special education coursework. Similar to the three levels of the Intermediate Administration certification, there are three tiers in the Superintendent Certification: Initial, Provisional, and Professional. To graduate from Initial to Provisional certification, candidates must complete 10 months of experience under the Initial certificate. To graduate from a Provisional to Professional certificate, candidates must complete 30 months of experience under their Provisional certificate.

092 Certification for Aspiring Administrators

The 092 Certificate is an educational administration certificate that prepares educators to undertake the work of school and district leadership. An 092 Certificate is designed for Connecticut certified teachers who are prepared to shape their school’s organizational direction, improve their school’s performance, and influence the development of their school or district.

092 Certification Program Requirements

In order to be accepted into an 092 Certificate program, candidates must hold a master’s degree from a regionally accredited school. Additionally, they must have a minimum of three years of certified teaching experience.

Every program’s application requirements are different. At University of Bridgeport, candidates must submit an application, official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, an essay on leadership describing the issues they think will impact leadership in the Connecticut schools, and a resume.

092 Coursework

As part of the 092 Certificate training to become a school administrator, students complete coursework in leadership, management, administration, and more. These classes include:

  • Introduction to Education Leadership
  • Evaluation of School Effectiveness
  • Curriculum Development
  • Public School Finance
  • School Law
  • Supervision of Personnel

Additionally, students must complete an administrative internship and a course in special services. This course trains candidates for providing services for students with exceptionalities. Lastly, candidates must complete education leadership electives. These may include:

  • Urban Leadership
  • Current Topics in Education Leadership
  • Leadership and Management of School Facilities
  • Research and Data-Informed Supervision

Time Commitment to Become a School Administrator

There are several different types of 092 Certification programs you can pursue in your endeavor to become a school administrator. You can pursue 092 Certification as a sixth-year certificate after your master’s degree, which takes about one year to complete. If you already have a Sixth Year certificate or second master’s degree, you may simply enroll in 092 Certification classes to reduce the additional time in school. Or, if you are looking to really climb the ranks in education, you may consider earning your 092 Certificate in conjunction with a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.). This is a longer educational journey that can pay-off in your future role.

At University of Bridgeport, the 092 program is offered in a hybrid format. Each 092 class meets one evening per week for two hours. Students are able to take two classes per evening and there is an accelerated schedule for summer courses. This schedule is ideal for current educators who work full-time.

School administrators guide the growth and development of schools and school districts through their leadership. They can improve the lives of students and teachers, alike. They evaluate their school’s effectiveness, monitor the development of curriculum, and help to create supportive school environments. In Connecticut, the key step to becoming a school administrator is to complete the 092 Certificate program.

Are you ready to start your school administration journey? Learn more about the Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Study, the 092 Certificate program, and the Ed.D. options at University of Bridgeport!