a student in the connecticut 092 certificate program

092 Certificate Options: Sixth Year Program vs. Ed.D. & 092 Classes

Teachers provide their students with the knowledge and support they need to become successful scholars and members of society. They shape and mold the leaders of tomorrow! But, behind every successful team of teachers is a strong administrative staff. For teachers interested in making a positive impact on their school, school district, and colleagues, transitioning into a career in school administration is an obvious choice. In the state of Connecticut, teachers interested in working as educational administrators are required, first, to earn a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Afterwards, they must earn one of two types of administrative certificates for school administrators: The Intermediate Administration or Supervision Certificate (092) or the Superintendent of Schools Certificate. Before becoming a superintendent, many leaders first earn their 092 Certificate. Perhaps that is why you are here.

If you are looking to pursue an 092 Certificate program and carve your path in educational administration, read on. Here are a few ways you can earn your 092 Certification in order to become an intermediate administrator or supervisor.

What is the 092 Certificate?

The 092 Certificate enables educators to work as intermediate administrators in the state of Connecticut. 092 Certificate programs prepare candidates for the complex job of leading PreK-12 schools. In these programs, experienced educators learn how to shape a school’s organizational direction, influence school performance, and affect institutional development and planning.

Administrative roles that require an 092 Certificate can include Department Chair, Special Education Director, Assistant Principal, Principal, and other leadership positions up to Assistant Superintendent of Schools. In order to earn the Initial 092 Educator Certificate, teachers must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have at least a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Complete a planned program approved by the Connecticut State Department of education (CSDE)
  • Must complete at least 18 additional semester hours of graduate coursework
  • Must complete at least 36 clock hours in special education coursework
  • Recommendation from your graduating institution upon completion of a state-approved certification program specific to school administration
  • Receive a grade of Pass on each of the sections for the Connecticut Administrator’s Test (CAT)

An administrator’s Initial Certification status moves to Provisional status upon completing 10 months of experience under Initial Certification. Provisional Certificate status will be upgraded to a Professional status upon completing 30 months of experience under Provisional status and completing 30 credits beyond master’s level coursework.

Required Classes for the 092 Certificate

All 092 Certificate program participants are required to take courses in the areas of psychology/pedagogy, curriculum, school administration, and personnel evaluation. These educational administration classes may include:

  • Introduction to Education Leadership
  • Evaluation of School Effectiveness
  • Workshop in Curriculum Development
  • Public School Finance
  • School Law
  • Supervision/Evaluation of Personnel
  • Administrative Internship

Additionally, students in an 092 Certificate program may take leadership electives (e.g. Urban Leadership) and coursework in Special Services Administration.

Pathways to Earning the 092 Certificate

There are a few ways experienced educators can earn their 092 Certificate in Connecticut.

Sixth Year Certificate Program
For students just starting towards their 092 Certificate, a Sixth Year Certificate program is a popular path. This level program is pursued by students who hold a master’s degree in a related discipline, have years of certified teaching experience, and desire to advance into a leadership career. A Sixth Year Certificate program includes 30 post-graduate credits. At University of Bridgeport, students graduate with their Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Educational Administration and Supervision, and are well-prepared to pass the Connecticut Administrators Test (CAT). Additionally, educators who complete this program are qualified to move to Professional status from Provisional certification status, upon completion of their other experience requirements. The state of Connecticut now requires students to have 30 credits after their first Master’s degree to maintain their 092 licensure, making this a recommended pathway for aspiring administrators.

092 Certification Classes
Aspiring administrators who already have a Sixth Year or a second master’s degree can earn their 092 Certificate simply by enrolling in the required courses and electives needed to become certified. At some schools, like the University of Bridgeport, this option involves 24 credits of 092 Certification classes. By completing these courses, earning the institution’s recommendation, and passing the Connecticut Administrative Test, graduates leave qualified for an Initial Certification.

092 Certificate and Ed.D.
A Doctor of Education degree, commonly referred to as an Ed.D., is another great pathway to obtaining an 092 Certificate. An Ed.D. is a doctorate program that prepares students for professional, academic, research, and administrative positions in the field of education. Typically, Ed.D. programs require four years of study and the completion of 62 credits. However, for those seeking to earn their 092 Certification in addition to their doctorate, the required 092 courses can be added to an Ed.D. curriculum. At University of Bridgeport, students can fulfill all of the 092 Certification requirements alongside their doctoral studies through a combined, 66-credit program. The 092 Certificate coursework, combined with the completion of an Educational Leadership Doctoral degree, prepares students to fulfill meaningful careers as organizational leaders, school administrators, and researchers in the field of education.

For educators that aspire to become administrators, earning an 092 Certification is a must. At University of Bridgeport, there are three different routes students can take to begin their journey as an education leader. Whether earned in a Sixth Year Certificate program or in the context of an Ed.D., students who earn their 092 Certification will be prepared to become leaders in their school and educational community.

Are you ready to start your school administration journey? Learn more about the Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Study, the 092 Certificate program, and the Ed.D. options at University of Bridgeport!