a student earning an 092 certificate in connecticut

How an Educational Administration Certificate (092) Can Enhance Your Future Success

The decision to become an educator requires passion, dedication, and sacrifice. A teacher’s day begins before their students have woken up and ends far after the school bell rings. Educators are critical to the development of their students’ intellectual and emotional development. In fact, studies have shown that teachers’ support for their students improves student engagement, life preparedness, and students’ feeling of autonomy. Through their creative innovations in the classroom and giving spirit, teachers are able to unlock the unique potential in each of their students, setting them on a path towards success.

But who supports these amazing educators? This falls to school administrators and district leaders. More than ever, teachers are being faced with unprecedented challenges. They’ve had to learn how to teach remotely and prepare their students for the most unthinkable of events. In the face of this adversity, it has become clear that the effectiveness of school administrators is vital to not only teacher retention, but also to the educational success of students.

What it Takes to Be a School Administrator in Connecticut

Becoming a school administrator in the state of Connecticut requires that interested parties hold a master’s degree and have completed 30 semester hours of a program in education administration and leadership. Following completion of this program, applicants must pass the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT). Future school administrators must also complete at least 36 hours of special education coursework and have 50 months of teaching experience in a Connecticut public school, an approved private school, or an approved out-of-state school. (Alternatively, one year of an internship in school administration may be used to substitute this requirement.)

The Educational Administration and Supervision Program: an Overview

Current educators who hold a master’s degree, as well as graduate students, are qualified to apply to the Educational Administration and Supervision (092) Certificate Program. This program provides students with the practical knowledge they’ll need to fill administrative positions in schools. The 092 certificate program at University of Bridgeport meets all state requirements for administrative certification in Connecticut.

Courses in the 092 Certificate program include:

  • Introduction to Education Leadership
  • Evaluation of School Effectiveness
  • Curriculum Development
  • School Law
  • Public School Finance

Students in this program are also eligible to complete education leadership electives, such as:

  • Urban Leadership
  • Current Topics in Education Leadership
  • Leadership and Management of School Facilities
  • Research and Data-Informed Supervision

The Benefits of an Educational Administration Certification Program

You may find yourself wondering how an Educational Administration Certificate, or 092 Certificate, can actually impact your future in education. Here are three ways in which this program can benefit you.

1. Career Mobility and Versatility
As an elementary or secondary school teacher, there is only so much room for career mobility available to you. While many teachers are satisfied working in the classroom for the duration of their careers, if you have ambitions to lead a school, make decisions, and be a voice for your institution, this certification can open that window of possibility for you.

2. Improved Pay
It’s a well-known fact that teachers in the United States don’t get into the profession for the financial benefits. The median pay for elementary school teachers is $60,660 per year and the pay for high school teachers is merely $2,000 more per year. By comparison, school administrators such as principals earn a median pay of $98,490 per year. Administrative positions are also expected to grow by 4% by 2029. About 20,000 openings for elementary, middle, and high school principals are expected every year. Entering an Educational Administration and Supervision program can prepare you to fill one of those positions.

3. Making a Difference

At the end of the day, it’s likely you were drawn to education out of a desire to positively impact the lives of students. However, as an administrator, you may have the chance to create change on a larger scale. School leaders and administrators have an impact on everything from curriculum to fundraising. As an educational administrator, you could not only provide support for the teachers and students of today but also lay the groundwork for the success of future generations of students.

In today’s educational landscape, teachers, students, and parents need support and guidance as never before. With an Educational Administration Certificate, or 092 Certificate, you will be empowered to make a positive impact on the lives of the student body as well as faculty. You will be prepared to create and enhance supportive educational environments for students with exceptionalities. You’ll know how to evaluate your school’s effectiveness according to Connecticut’s criteria. And, you’ll be able to oversee curriculum development for elementary, middle, and high school-aged students. All of these skills will make you an invaluable resource for your school, open up more employment opportunities, and provide you with both personal and professional reward.

Are you an educator interested in school leadership positions? Learn more about University of Bridgeport’s Educational Administration Certificate!