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BSN Nursing Schools in Connecticut: What UB Has to Offer

The state of Connecticut is facing a nursing shortage, partially thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and partially due to the steady retirement of a generation of nurses. Healthcare leaders are heavily motivated to fill these available positions with highly-trained nursing professionals. In fact, Hartford Healthcare CEO Jeff Flacks has said that he plans to hire 1,000 new nurses this year, plus 1,000 nurses each year for the next five years. Private hospitals won’t be the only organizations looking to hire nurses en masse. The Department of Health is similarly in need of nurses to support mental health, public health, and education initiatives. In other words, it’s never been a better time to begin your nursing training right here in Connecticut.

The first step to becoming a nurse is to, of course, earn your degree from an accredited nursing school. It’s important to choose a program that can offer you an excellent education, training, and support. If you’re choosing from the available BSN nursing schools in Connecticut, be sure to include University of Bridgeport in your consideration. Here is what University of Bridgeport has to offer you as a nursing student.

A Variety of BSN Degree Paths

The nursing school at University of Bridgeport places the priority on meeting students where they are. With that in mind, University of Bridgeport offers students multiple avenues to earn their bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Nursing BS

Students who want to pursue a career in nursing should consider earning a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, or BSN. The BSN opens the possibility for leadership and management positions for graduates. The BSN also trains students to provide the highest quality of care for their students possible. UB recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education for nurses, as well as extensive practical training. That’s why the BSN at UB provides a foundational liberal arts education, as well as nursing courses and practical training in the field. At the entry-level, a traditional BSN program can be completed in four years.

Accelerated BSN

University of Bridgeport recognizes that many students become interested in a career in nursing after having already earned a bachelor’s degree in another subject area. The accelerated BSN program is the ideal program for those who wish to change career paths efficiently, and already have a bachelor’s in hand. An accelerated BSN program can be completed in fifteen months at UB, minimizing the typical time spent in a bachelor’s degree program.

RN to BSN Online

Not all nurses begin their journey with a bachelor’s degree. UB recognizes that a nursing program should provide students with options when it comes to pursuing higher education. For working nurses, especially, flexibility is a priority! That’s why UB offers licensed and experienced registered nurses (RNs) the ability to earn their BSN, online, through a fast-paced RN to BSN program. This online program is conveniently offered at six start times per year. Classes are taken in 7-week sessions, making it possible for students to complete their BSN where and when they’d like, and work towards advancing their career.

BSN Student Support

Student success is of the utmost priority to University of Bridgeport. Therefore, UB has an unparalleled Office of Student Success, which supports students through academic advising, and more.

Career Counseling

Students at University of Bridgeport benefit from the support and guidance that can be found in the Career Development Center. Whether they’re looking for employment during their degree of study or seeking employment after graduation, students at University of Bridgeport can find the resources they need at University of Bridgeport. Students can learn how to build their resume, successfully interview, and network with alumni through the career center.

Academic Advising

The Office of Student Academic Success offers students tutoring as well as academic advising services. This office can help students build their schedules and select classes. Professionals in Academic Success can also connect students with campus resources. Tutoring appointments can be made in the Tutoring and Learning Center. BSN nursing school students can receive guidance and coaching in a variety of subjects including mathematics, writing, science, chemistry, biology, and psychology (all areas in which nursing students will have to take coursework).

Financial Aid

It is with the understanding that affordability is key to the pursuit of education that UB endeavors to support incoming students through merit aid. Whether they’re transfer students or traditional college students, applicants to study at University of Bridgeport are considered for merit-based academic scholarships. Additionally, UB connects incoming students with a variety of other scholarship resources, to which they may apply for aid.

When researching BSN nursing schools in Connecticut, it’s important you select a school that provides you with the training you’ll need to succeed. This training can come in the guise of coursework and lecture. It also comes in the form of internships and training. Additionally, a strong program will provide you with academic advising, financial aid, and career counseling. At University of Bridgeport, you’ll be provided with all of this, and more.

Pursuing a BSN, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already working as a nurse, is possible at University of Bridgeport! Learn more about our nursing school or request more information on how you can get your BSN started!