Linfeng Zhang

Linfeng Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering

Engineering – Technology Bldg – Office 158
(203) 576-4249

Dr. Linfeng Zhang came to the University of Bridgeport in 2007.


Ph.D., Wayne State University, 2006


Courses Taught:
Power Electronics, Sustainable Energy Lab, Controls, Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation, Fuel Cells


“The performance of a grid-tied microgrid with hydrogen storage and a hydrogen fuel cell stack”, Energy Conversion and Management, 2014, 79, P. 421-427

“Energy management in a microgrid with renewable energy resources”, Energy Conversion and Management, 2014, 78, P. 297-305

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1. Americanizing European hot water technology, Ramboll fundation, Linfeng Zhang, Junling Hu, David Cote, funded$19,000, 2017
2. Solar instructor training network, Department of Energy, Subaward, Linfeng Zhang, $17,000, 2015
3. A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State-of-the-Art Laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy and UB match fund, funded $37,000, 2010
4. Cameca Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS), Department of Energy, ERLE (Grant # 8982A3 9092 0055)
5. A Bulk-micromachined MEMS Comb Vibratory Gyroscope, UB seed money grant, Xingguo Xiong (PI), Linfeng Zhang (co-PI), Hassan Bajwa (co-PI), funded: $6,930, 2010
6. Integration of the platinum nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes in silicon-based micro fuel cell and silicon-based chemical/biological sensor, Linfeng Zhang (PI), Angela Santiago (co-PI), Xingguo Xiong (co-PI), UB seed money grant, funded $6864.00, 2010
7. Software, ETAP power lab $300,000 from ETAP