best doctor of chiropractic program in ct

How to Find the Best Chiropractic Program for You

The Doctor of Chiropractic program that’s best for you may be different than the one that’s best for another student – and that’s okay! Many chiropractic programs are reputable and similar in the quality of education they provide. Distinguishing what makes a chiropractic program right for you can be challenging. Below are some things to consider when deciding if a chiropractic program is best for you:


Universities can have different kinds of accreditations such as federal and regional accreditation. For a chiropractic program, you want to make sure the program itself is accredited by The Council on Chiropractic Education. It is essential the program is accredited because if not, you will not be able to be licensed. Program accreditation ensures that the school meets certain standards for their program and students. Such as, admitting students who meet GPA and prerequisite requirements.


The financial commitment of attending a Doctor of Chiropractic program is important to consider. There are a variety of financial aid options that could be available to you such as scholarships, federal student loans, payment plans, and private loans. It is worth connecting with the school’s financial aid office to see what your options are.


When looking at chiropractic programs, location may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it should play a large role in your decision. If you’re interested in staying close to home and commuting, you may choose a school within your state.


University of Bridgeport offers the only semester-based chiropractic program in the country. While a trimester system may seem appealing to graduate in less time, the danger of burnout is something to consider. A semester-based chiropractic program allows your first two summers entirely to yourself. During this time, you can work, study, and even take the first two parts of your boards.

Dual Degree Options

Some chiropractic programs have the option of earning an additional degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s, alongside your doctorate. University of Bridgeport, for example, offers two dual degree options so students can earn their Master’s in Acupuncture or Master’s in Human Nutrition in addition to their chiropractic doctorate. Earning a joint degree allows chiropractors to add more skills to their portfolio and better assist their patients. A dual degree can also save you money as you’d be completing two degrees at once.

Evidence Based vs Philosophical Based Curriculum

Chiropractic programs can be described as either evidence or philosophical based. Some schools focus heavily on the history of chiropractic care. Whereas other schools, such as University of Bridgeport, have a scientific and research-based chiropractic curriculum. A research-based curriculum prepares students to work alongside other health care practitioners, such as primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists.

Variety of Clinical Experience

Chiropractic programs will provide you with clinical learning opportunities. When comparing different programs, it’s important to look at the variety of the clinical experiences you will have. Is there an on-campus clinic students work in? What kinds of off-campus rotations are available? Some schools, like University of Bridgeport, may have more options than just seeing patients in a private practice. For the off-campus rotations, is there a lottery system for students to receive the hours?

Class Size

Chiropractic programs vary wildly in terms of class or cohort size. Choosing a school with a smaller cohort size will ensure you have more one on one time with your professors, either during or after class. Chiropractic schools with a smaller faculty to student ratio can provide individualized attention in a way bigger schools cannot.

Is UBSC is Right for You?

If you’re looking for an evidence-based chiropractic program, led by experts in the field, with small class sizes, and a variety of clinical opportunities, University of Bridgeport’s School of Chiropractic is right for you. Apply online or email if you have any additional questions.