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What Chiropractic Dual Degree Options Are Available?

Earning a Master’s Degree in addition to your Chiropractic Doctorate can increase your marketability when applying for jobs after graduation. University of Bridgeport offers two dual degree options for Chiropractic students. For both programs, students are first admitted to the Chiropractic School and apply to the master’s of their choice after completing a two or four semesters.

Master’s in Acupuncture

Chiropractic students can apply for the Master’s in Acupuncture after their 2nd semester. For students who are passionate about pain management and holistic care, adding acupuncture to their repertoire can help them best serve their patients.

Acupuncture classes are offered in the evenings and on the weekends, so it won’t interfere with Chiropractic School. It generally takes students an additional 6 – 12 months after graduating with their DC to finish the clinical hours required for the Acupuncture Master’s. After graduating from the master’s, students may be eligible for acupuncture licensure depending on the state they live in.

Master’s in Human Nutrition

After their 4th semester, chiropractic students can apply to the Master’s in Human Nutrition. This dual degree is perfect for students interested in learning how nutrition affects patient’s overall health.

Nutrition classes are offered entirely online, asynchronously (so you don’t have to login at a certain time for class). Students can graduate with both their master’s and doctorate at the same time. After graduating from the Master’s in Human Nutrition, students are eligible to sit for the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) license exam. In addition to passing the exam, you need 1,000 clinical hours to receive the CNS license. In University of Bridgeport, students earn 255 hours towards this requirement. A Certified Nutrition Specialist can provide nutritional counseling, depending on state regulations. Each state has their own laws regarding licensing requirements for nutritional counselors. You can refer to the American Nutrition Association for more information and to find the requirements for your state.

Benefits to Dual Degree

Earning a dual degree allows more opportunities for Chiropractors to market themselves and increase their client base. Whether this is expanding the services you offer in your own practice or listing an additional qualification when applying for jobs in clinics. By having multiple licensures, you’ll be better able to serve your patients and be a more well-rounded health professional.

Things to Consider

Receiving a dual degree will cost more than earning just your doctorate. It can also take longer to graduate, depending on the degree you obtain. However, it certainly can be worth it depending what your passions and career goals are. Providing patients multiple modalities of treatment can be very rewarding and allow you to give them the best care possible.

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