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6 Educational Leadership Career Outcomes to Consider

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher or an academic advisor, earning your Doctor in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) can help advance your career. Earning an Ed.D is beneficial in many different sectors of education. Below are just six examples of career outcomes in educational leadership.

Educational Leadership Careers in K-12 Settings

Department head

If you’re a teacher looking to advance your career, earning an Ed.D. online can be advantageous. An online schedule allows you the flexibility to complete your coursework at times that work best for you. In Connecticut, teachers need to earn an 092 Certification to hold an administrative role. Schools like University of Bridgeport offer Connecticut teachers the ability to earn their 092 and their Ed.D., allowing for more advancement in the future.


If you wish to become a principal, earning an Ed.D. is an advantageous way to reach that goal. University of Bridgeport offers two different tracks for students looking to go this route. One is the 66-credit track to earn your 092 certification in conjunction with the Ed.D. The other is the 42-credit track for students who received their 092 through a Sixth Year Degree.

School superintendent

A superintendent oversees multiple schools within a school district. In Connecticut, you must earn a 093 certification. While earning your Ed.D. is not required for the 093 licensure, it will make you a more competitive applicant in the field. A Doctorate in Educational Leadership shows you have advanced knowledge of management practices and policy making.

Educational Leadership Careers in Higher Education

College Professor

Many universities require college professors to have a terminal degree, such as a PhD or Ed.D. Earning your Educational Leadership Doctorate has several advantages over earning a PhD. Particularly if you wish to move into a leadership role in academia, since a PhD is more research focused.

Program Director

One administrative role you can advance to from a faculty member is a Program Director. This position can have a variety of responsibilities depending on the institution, including overseeing the program’s curriculum, faculty, and application process. An Ed.D. gives you the tools to be successful in this role, as you will be taking courses such as “Organization Management,” “Grant Writing,” and “Curricula Theory.”

Dean – Students, Admissions, etc.

An Ed.D. is beneficial for both faculty and staff in higher education. While we think of faculty as being the brilliant minds, staff are just as educated and involved in research. Earning an Ed.D. will prepare you to take on a leadership role in higher education. University of Bridgeport’s Ed.D. program also includes an International Education strand. This is especially helpful for students looking to work in higher education to learn more about the complexities of international education.

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