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3 Benefits of Completing a Doctorate of Education Program Online

No one enters the world of education for fame or glory. No, teachers and administrators choose to do their work because they adamantly believe in making a difference.

Teachers can impact the lives of over 3,000 students during the course of their careers. They can improve their students’ academic success, as well as their ability to problem solve and regulate emotions. They can prepare students for professional careers and future success in life, generally. Educators, no matter the sector in which they work, can help develop the next generations and create change in the world.

However, the work of education administrators and leaders also has a great impact on the lives of students. Through their leadership, education professionals effectively guide the direction of their institutions. They also have the potential to influence education policy beyond school and university walls. Education administrators can work in collaboration with their state representatives to influence curriculum. They may also identify as the change agents at their postsecondary institutions. But becoming a school administrator, educational consultant, policy maker, and leader doesn’t happen overnight. It requires the earning of a Doctorate of Education, or Ed.D.

What is an Ed.D.?

Doctoral studies come in a variety of forms. From a Ph.D. to a DBA to an Ed.D., professionals and scholars hoping to further their careers may find themselves considering doctoral programs.

The Ed.D. is a professional doctorate degree in Education, designed to prepare educators to become leaders and visionaries in their field. The Ed.D. is a terminal degree that focuses on training teachers to fill leadership and administrative roles in both K-12 and higher education institutions. Though this is a practical and professional

degree pathway, upon graduation, candidates may choose to conduct research to improve best practices in education.

Ed.D. Curriculum

An Ed.D. requires candidates to study four primary areas: educational leadership, research and analysis, international education, and dissertation. At University of Bridgeport, aspiring administrators and leaders also have the option to take additional credits in pursuit of their 092 Certification. While participating in their studies, candidates will take a variety of courses that will prepare them to conduct research, write grants, manage and oversee a teaching staff, evaluate educational programs, design and implement educational policy, and navigate the complexities of modern-day education systems. Additionally, candidates will be required to successfully pass a comprehensive examination, complete dissertation advising, and submit a dissertation to be reviewed by a committee of three faculty members.

Ed.D. Time Commitment

Differing from a Ph.D., an Ed.D. can take as few as three years, and as many as four years, to finish. The speed with which students complete their doctorate of Education can depend on the level of flexibility their specific program provides. The most expedient and flexible way to complete the Ed.D. is typically by pursuing a doctoral degree in Education online. But what are the benefits of completing an Ed.D. program online? Let’s find out.

Top Benefits to Completing a Doctorate of Education Program Online

Ed.D. programs can be completed in a variety of settings: in-person, online, or hybrid. While the benefits of traditional education have been touted for years, there are clear advantages to enrolling in a doctorate of Education program online.

1. Enjoy Online Flexibility

First and foremost, an online doctorate of Education provides students with the benefit of being highly flexible. Most candidates in Ed.D. programs are actively working as teachers and educators. As such, they have busy schedules. An online doctorate program provides the perfect solution. In an online Ed.D. program, students can complete the majority of their coursework online, whenever and from wherever they want. This flexibility is ideal for individuals who can’t take time away from their careers to pursue graduate studies.

2. Earn Your Doctorate Quickly

Due to the flexible nature of this degree, candidates can complete their program at a pace that works best for them. Candidates in the Ed.D. program are allowed seven

years to complete their degree. However, those who take classes full-time can graduate in as few as three years. This expediency means that graduates won’t have long to wait before pursuing career advancement.

3. Receive a Personalized Education

While some students may be hesitant to earn their doctorate of Education online, due to a worry that they won’t receive one-on-one training, the online Ed.D. can actually provide students with a highly personalized experience. While each school provides its own unique offerings, the hybrid Ed.D. at University of Bridgeport sets itself apart by requiring candidates to develop a strong mentorship relationship with their faculty. This is achieved, in part, by attending two, one-week in-person Summer Residencies that are completed over the course of two consecutive summers. These intensives provide candidates with the opportunity to develop mentor-apprentice relationships with members of the faculty, as well as time for in-depth and direct faculty support. Ed.D. candidates are also required to complete a dissertation on a topic of their choosing. Despite the Ed.D. being taught online, faculty members provide support, guidance, and supervision during the dissertation process.

An online doctoral degree in Education provides students with a convenient and quick way to earn their doctorate and begin their important work as education leaders. The program enhances the effectiveness of policy-makers and organizational leaders. It also enables Ed.D. candidates to continue fulfilling their career, or other obligations at home, through a flexible, online format. If a career in administration and leadership is on the horizon, consider earning your doctorate of Education online.

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