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How Can You Get a Business Degree Online?

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration can prepare you for the workforce by focusing on high demand skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communications, and management.

While business currently dominates the list of most in-demand majors, you may be concerned about the time commitment involved. After all, you’ve got other obligations. You might be working, have a family at home to care for, or have other responsibilities that require your time, energy, and attention. Thus, enrolling in a typical business degree program and attending classes in-person at a university just may not work for your life.

Thankfully, the University of Bridgeport’s online bachelor’s in Business Administration is a perfect fit for every situation. Let’s explore how and why you can obtain a business degree online.

What is an Online Business Administration Degree?

Our online Business Administration BS degree is an online-accelerated program designed specifically for adult learners. We provide a broad application of business knowledge while also allowing students the opportunity to fulfill both their personal and professional goals.

We’ve structured this program in such a way that students study a variety of topics including accounting, finance, project management, leadership, marketing, sales, and human resource management.

The online bachelor’s degree in Business Administration prepares students to:

  • Acquire general business knowledge and acuity
  • Develop practical technical skills necessary for a career in business
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate with others
  • Understand the role of business in the larger society

In this 120 credit online degree, you will take:

  • 24 credits in online Business Administration courses
    • Includes courses in Fundamentals of Management and Leadership, Business Math, Analytical & Persuasive Writing, Critical Thinking & Writing, Public Communications, and Budgeting & Finance for Organizations.
  • 42 credits of core curriculum
    • Includes courses in English, Humanities, Fine Arts, Math, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.
  • 33 credits in general electives
    • Choose courses that expand your field of study and provide depth. These general electives allow for transferring a multidisciplinary number of credits from other schools to customize your learning experience.

Students can also choose to enroll in our Healthcare Administration concentration, which allows students to manage the business side of healthcare by exploring the different ways healthcare is delivered in this rapidly changing industry.

In the Healthcare Administration concentration 120 credit track, students take:

  • 30 general education credits
  • 54 business program credits
  • 18 healthcare administration credits
  • 18 free electives

What are the Benefits of a Bachelor’s in Business Online?

There are many, many benefits to obtaining a business degree online. In addition to the maximum flexibility to fulfill your personal and professional goals, students take courses taught by faculty with significant business and industry experience. Additionally, in our seven-week accelerated semester format, you develop practical technical skills necessary to succeed in your business career.

Additionally, you can also obtain a Project Management certification by enrolling in our online bachelor’s degree in Business Administration program. The Project Management certificate program is designed to educate and treat undergraduate students as future practitioners in a field predicted to have significant growth and impact. Project managers are key players and increasingly vital in the planning and growth of complex business in a global world.

What Can I do with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration?

UB is uniquely located near many prominent cities – NYC, Boston, Bridgeport, Hartford, New London, and more. With capitals of industry in close proximity, UB is connected to prominent businesses who aid students in jumpstarting a career in business administration.

As a student and graduate of our online bachelor’s in Business Administration, you will be prepared to work in accounting, computer information systems, finance, and marketing industries. You will also have the opportunity to intern for companies like Deloitte & Touche LLP, American Institute of Healthcare & Technology, Apple, ESPN, Microsoft, and others.

Our career development center and skilled career counselors are available to meet with students to assist with resume-writing, internship search, and anything else that will help land your dream job.

How to Get a Business Degree Online

Our admissions office places a strong emphasis on the quality of preparatory work of each applicant. To be considered for admission to the University of Bridgeport, applicants must submit:

1. A no fee admissions application through our online application portal or through the Common Application

2. Proof of high school completion or its equivalent

3. Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (transfer applicants)

4. Other materials

    • While not required, students can choose to submit a personal statement, letters of recommendation, a resume, or any other documentation that supports the student’s application. All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit any additional documentation that they believe will help the Admissions Committee in determining their eligibility and proficiency.

Pursuing a bachelor’s of Business Administration online at UB is an excellent choice for students looking for maximum flexibility in their education and the skills needed for a career in business. These online business classes are offered in a format that enables students to complete the degree in three years, by taking courses during the summer.

Apply to the University of Bridgeport and our Ernest C. Trefz School of Business, where theory and practice come together for student success. Together, you and our teaching-oriented professors will think critically and creatively so that you are prepared with the skills and knowledge needed for modern business.