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How to Find the Right Sports Management College in Connecticut

The sports industry boasts billions of dollars of profit every year. There are over 106 sports franchises across the world! From athlete agents to sporting event managers, athletic directors to facilities managers, there are so many options available to those interested in working in the field. Entering the sports management profession, however, requires more than just passion. Depending on the career you’re interested in pursuing within the field, you’ll need to earn a degree. Whether your dream job requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can begin the journey with an undergraduate degree in Sports Management. Finding the right Sports Management college is the first step to embarking on an exciting career. Here are a few qualifiers you should keep in mind when choosing your future college in the state of Connecticut.


Choosing from the variety of Sports Management colleges in Connecticut may feel overwhelming. However, a simple way you can narrow down your options is to ensure that your list of prospective programs only includes accredited schools. The process of accreditation helps to guarantee that schools provide a minimum quality of education to their students. Accreditors make sure that colleges and universities provide their students with an adequate number of qualified faculty members in addition to up-to-date facilities and student services. Accreditors are also responsible for evaluating the quality of teaching and coursework provided to a school’s students.

In many ways, accreditors act as agents of “quality control.” When you attend an accredited school, you can rest assured you’re receiving a higher standard of education that will provide you with the training needed to be successful. Additionally, your school’s accreditation status indicates to future employers that you’ve received an education that will prepare you for the job you’re applying for. In many cases, employers will not accept your degree unless you have a diploma from an accredited university.

Sports Management Curriculum

As a future sports management professional, it is key that the sports management college you choose offers the coursework you need to be successful. Look for a program that provides its students with a comprehensive curriculum that includes training in law, ethics, finance, event management, and psychology. Additionally, the right sports management program should provide its students with a strong foundation in business practice. For example, University of Bridgeport provides its students with business core classes including:

  • Business Law
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Computer Concepts
  • Business Planning
  • Principles of Finance
  • Workforce Dynamics
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Principles of Macroeconomics

Additionally, students should consider programs that offer their students the opportunity to specialize. For example, at University of Bridgeport, students can earn a concentration in Sports Marketing or eSports. These concentration areas are designed to provide graduates with a competitive edge in the employment market by giving them expert knowledge in specialized areas of the field.

Networking Opportunities

As is true for any business-centric degree, networking opportunities should be of interest to students when researching prospective schools. Find out who the faculty members are at your college of interest and what their experience level is. How are they connected to members of the local, national, or global sports field? How involved are they in the sports management field, today? How supportive are they of former students? Additionally, how does the school as a whole support networking? Will they help connect you with employers and leaders in the field? These are all questions you should ascertain the answers to before matriculating into a program.

Career Services and Student Support

Once you’ve found an accredited college that offers the kind of curriculum you want, make sure that it offers career services and student support. A strong career service center will offer its students the resources they need to connect to career opportunities and internships. Career service professionals help students learn how to build their resumes, apply, and interview for jobs, and prepare for the professional world. They provide a vital service for students. When considering where to earn your bachelor’s in Sports Management in Connecticut, search for a school that provides these services.

The field of sports management is highly competitive and incredibly popular. Finding a job in sports management, unsurprisingly, can sometimes be challenging. Aspiring sports management professionals in Connecticut must set themselves up for success by earning their bachelor’s degree from a well-respected, accredited Sports Management college. You can transform your passion into a profession with an education from the right institution. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be sure to get your sports management career off to a great start!

A career in Sports Management starts with a degree that prepares you to develop skills in finance, accounting, marketing, and more. Ready to take the first step? Learn more about University of Bridgeport’s Sports Management BS!