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Is an Educational Administration Program (092) Worth It?

If you’re an educator thinking beyond the classroom, it’s likely you’ve considered an Educational Administration and Supervision post-graduate program.

Those looking to shape the school system from the inside out are often aware of what issues exist within public schools and challenge the accessibility of education. But without further training, classroom teachers don’t always have the skills necessary to enact change at the level they’d like.

If you’re looking to shape the school system from the top down, your classroom experience is essential, but it’s only one of the building blocks you’ll need.

Enter the 092 Certificate and other educational administration programs.

What is an 092 Certificate Program?

An 092 Certificate program trains educators for the complex work required of school leaders and district administrators. This program is specifically for Connecticut certified teachers who are motivated to shape their school’s organizational direction, influence their school’s performance, or impact institutional development.

Completing an 092 Certificate prepares graduates for a variety of roles, including Department Chair, Special Education Director, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Those hoping to eventually become a Superintendent in Connecticut must pursue further study via the 093 Certification. Learn more about the process here.

If you’re not teaching in Connecticut, but looking to expand your role, you’ll likely be considering a doctorate program in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.), or similar programs. This type of educational admin program offers classes for teachers looking to lead at a higher level, allowing them to make curriculum recommendations and set the tone for the classroom. At UB, the Ed.D. program can be completed concurrently with the 092 certificate, positioning future administrators for the highest success.

Here are a few reasons we’ve handpicked that will likely enter into your decision-making when pursuing this next step in your education.

4 Reasons Why an 092 or Educational Administration Program is Worth It

#1: Schools Need Leaders

The coursework in an Educational Administration program will focus heavily on leadership, which is desperately needed in schools both public and privately funded. Schools need leaders who can strategize on classroom, school-wide, and district levels, understanding the complex needs of students, teachers, and the community.

Plus, with a median salary of $98,420 and projected 8% growth over the next decade, pursuing a career as a principal or other high-ranking administrator not only benefits the community, but also is a stable investment in your future as well (BLS).

#2: Students Need Human Connection

Educational administration programs offer courses that allow those in leadership positions to see past the problems that students encounter, and connect with them on a deeper level. This way, administrators can partner with classroom teachers to provide opportunities for students’ futures instead of simply doling out punishment or consequences. Effective administration doesn’t just address the problematic behavior, but looks beyond to see why a student acts in a certain way.

#3: Teachers Need Supportive Administration

School leaders must make decisions that affect every staff member in the school, both in the present school year and into the future. A big part of enacting change is communicating effectively and eliciting support for ever-evolving elements that teachers will have to adopt.

Teachers need administrators who listen to them and understand day-to-day struggles of the classroom–which is why first-hand classroom experience is crucial for administrators. This helps teachers not feel blindsided or rushed into change for change’s sake. To help ease changes and communication issues, Ed.D. and 092 programs in Educational Administration stress the importance of active listening and conflict resolution.

#4: Beyond Principalship

While the most obvious professional choice with an Educational Administration certificate or degree is to become a principal, this isn’t the only direction your career may take you.

You may also consider positions as a…

  • Post-Secondary Administrator. This position works as colleges and universities overseeing student services.
  • Instructional Coordinator. This position helps create and implement school curricula.
  • Education Consultant. In this job you’d work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Dean of Students. A dean of students directs student development, services, and conduct. Typically, a dean also holds a terminal degree, such as an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

Pursuing post-graduate studies in Educational Administration and Supervision benefits school, students, teachers, and administrators themselves. Those in the business of raising children into fully functioning adults in society know best that it takes a village with all sorts of skills to do this effectively and holistically.

Here at the University of Bridgeport, our 092 certification program is only one option to advance your career in education. Learn more about other options or reach out to our applications team today.