Learning Outcomes

The DCP of the University of Bridgeport incorporates the understanding of chiropractic as a profession practicing primary health care, provides curricular and clinical evidence of that through outcome measures, and consists of education and training to prepare graduates to:

  1. Practice direct contact health care as a portal-of-entry provider for patients of all ages and genders;
  2. Assess the patient’s general health status, complaints and problems leading to a diagnosis. Specific elements of patient assessment minimally include complete health history; review of systems; physical, biomechanical and neurological examination; the analysis of vertebral and extra-vertebral subluxation; and, when clinically indicated, diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory, and/or specialized diagnostic procedures;
  3. Develop a goal-oriented case management plan that addresses any subluxations or other neurobiomechanical problems, and that may include rehabilitation and/or other therapeutic modalities;
  4. Develop appropriate doctor/patient relationships with continuity in the chiropractic management of health problems, and coordination of care with other health-care providers; and
  5. Promote wellness by assessing health risk and providing problem-related, general and public health information, and lifestyle counseling.