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What are the Benefits of a Career in Health Science?

Are you passionate about health care? Do you enjoy laboratory research and hands-on learning? Could you see yourself working in a hospital, private practice, or hospice care facility? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may consider a career in health science.

There are many pathways you can take to enter a career in health science. Most individuals begin by earning a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and launch entry-level careers in health-related areas like fitness, nutrition, and health education. However, to launch an advanced career in health science, most pursue a graduate degree to become more experienced and educated medical professionals.

The Doctor of Health Science, for example, is a multifaceted degree program that is grounded in science, health care, and wellness. It is a large, interdisciplinary field of study that includes both natural science and behavioral science. At University of Bridgeport, this online degree path prepares professionals to employ medical knowledge, deliver and improve patient care, and implement preventive measures.

There has been no better time than now to pursue a career in health science. One in eight U.S. citizens is currently employed in this field and experts project that this industry will only continue to grow. Furthermore, over the next decade, healthcare employment is expected to increase anywhere between 13 and 15 percent, translating to an additional 2.4 million jobs.

Almost ready to take that next step? Let’s discuss the four major benefits of a career in health science.

1. Job Satisfaction

A career in health science offers a high level of job satisfaction, because you will be able to teach people about health and fitness, as well as inform larger-scale health care policies.

So, if you’re fascinated by the inner workings of the human body, then there is no degree more satisfying than a Health Science degree.

At the University of Bridgeport, graduates from the online Doctor of Health Sciences DHSc program:

  • Become leaders with skills and knowledge to initiate changes in healthcare environments
  • Analyze and influence public policy related to health care services
  • Integrate evidence-informed complementary medicines modalities into care delivery
  • Use research to solve problems and make ethical decisions in healthcare settings
  • Serve as consultants to patients, clients, community organizations, and professional colleagues

Combining these outcomes with the fact that the variety of different jobs available to candidates is increasing, is further proof of the high level of job satisfaction from a career in health science.

2. Job Growth

As mentioned, there is an estimated 13 percent growth through 2031 in the health science career field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There will also be an estimated hike of around 30 percent in inpatient teaching positions and around 20 percent in medical labs and other office positions.

An online Doctor of Health Science ensures you have a high probability of finding work in general, as it will qualify you for a range of advanced positions in the field.

For a closer breakdown of the Bureau’s prediction, there is expected to be:

  • A 26 percent expansion of patient education jobs in the next few years
  • Up to 23 percent expansion of medical laboratory jobs
  • A 12 percent increase in demand for healthcare facility coordination positions

3. Lucrative Salary

Completing a Doctor of Health Science online degree will result in a sizeable income boost with many positions to work in, including healthcare administration, advanced clinical practice, teaching in higher education, and research opportunities.

While salaries depend on the exact position, workers with a bachelor’s in Health Science average income hovers around $63,000. Meanwhile, a professional with a Doctorate typically earns around $97,000. Compare these numbers to the national median income of $47,060 and you can see why obtaining a Doctor of Health Science degree is well worth your time.

4. Job Flexibility

In addition to having a variety of jobs to choose from, graduates with a Health Science degree online have greater flexibility in the type of jobs they can obtain. Graduates find themselves working as health care providers treating patients at the ground level or teaching their own students in different universities and colleges.

You might also find yourself writing science articles in different newspapers and magazines, medical photography, and bio illustration.

The flexibility of this career path allows you to switch your work at different stages of your career without limitations. Plus, if you have a passion for healthcare but are not sure of the specific job you want, a bachelor’s degree in Health Science provides an entry point to multiple careers in the industry. For example, at UB, you can go on to pursue graduate programs in specialized fields like Chiropractic Medicine, Acupuncture, Physician Assistant, and more.

While not an exhaustive list, we hope you can see why considering a career in health science and earning a Doctor of Health Science online degree are worth it.

The hybrid Health Sciences DHSc online program at UB will allow you to hone your skills in research, evidence-informed care delivery, education, curriculum development, and public health through our focus on qualitative and quantitative research.

We provide students with a one-week, on-campus seminar, three concentrations (Clinician, Education, and Clinical Nutrition), and three start terms (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Plus, students can earn their doctorate in as little as 40 months!

Learn all about our program prerequisites and admission requirements here.

Completed applications and all supporting documents must be received by:

  • July 15 for the fall semester
  • December 1 for the spring semester
  • April 15 for the summer semester

Don’t miss out on a highly fulfilling, lucrative, and fast-growing career in health science. Apply today!