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Four Benefits of Attending University Near New York City

College application season is in full swing for many high school juniors and seniors, as well as transfer students, as they seek acceptance into their prospective schools.

Students need to look at and evaluate a school’s academic programs and majors, social clubs and organizations, networking opportunities, and even the school’s location. This will ensure students find a school that will be able to match and support their personal and professional goals and interests.

For example, the diverse culture, lively atmosphere, and esteemed colleges and universities near New York City are extremely popular among students.

Today’s article will discuss important factors to look for when choosing a university and four benefits of going to colleges and universities near New York City.

What Should Students Look For in a College or University?

There are thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, and it can feel overwhelming to know where to start your search or how to choose the right college.

First, students should start by asking themselves about their interests and goals. What do you want to study or major in? This will give you a good jumping-off point and narrow down your search to schools that offer that specific program and major.

Additionally, students can look at the following key factors to evaluate prospective colleges and universities:

  • Academic quality, rigor, and method of instruction: Accredited schools have gone through extensive processes and reviews by state and federal agencies to ensure academic rigor and educational quality are at their highest levels. Note the different levels of accreditation: National and Regional. National Accreditation is determined by agencies which accredit schools across the U.S. in specific categories, including religious and vocational institutions. Regionally Accredited schools, considered the gold-standard for U.S. institutions, are reviewed by their designated regional agency. Students who attend Regionally Accredited schools are more attractive to certain employers. Additionally, consider schools that offer hybrid or online programs, especially if you intend to work part- or full-time.
  • School size: Are you someone who thrives in huge group settings? Or do you prefer small class sizes and more one-on-one time with instructors and professors? By looking at the size of the school and the size of their specific degree programs, students can determine if they want to attend a large or small school.
  • Campus environment and extracurricular activities: College isn’t just about what happens inside the classroom. It’s also important to involve yourself in campus life through student clubs, organizations, and activities that allow you to meet new people, make new connections, and find the support you need when school is challenging. Activities include intramural sports, sororities and fraternities, student government, and more.
  • Student support services: Additionally, students should look for schools with ample student support services like academic advising, career support services, tutoring, counseling services, and more to ensure they have the resources and tools they need to succeed in and outside of the classroom.
  • Cost, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities: Going to college is expensive but not unaffordable, especially if students look into schools with ample financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities. At University of Bridgeport, we make it easy for students to understand what they will expect to pay with our tuition net price calculator.


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Lastly, one of the most important factors students should consider when choosing a college or university is the location. Are you someone who thrives in a busy, urban environment? Or would you rather be in a small town without many distractions? Regardless of the answer, students should be honest with themselves about the type of environment they see themselves succeeding in.

Four Benefits of Going to Colleges Near New York City

Students looking for a more fast-paced metropolitan area, or someplace between that and a small town, should consider looking at colleges and universities near New York City. In fact, universities near New York are an excellent option for many reasons.

1. Cultural Diversity

New York City and its surrounding area are filled with a diverse and bustling population of people from all over the world. By bringing so many people together, students interact with and expose themselves to different cultures, traditions, perspectives, and backgrounds.

In turn, students obtain and graduate with a greater understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of different people, perspectives, and cultures.

2. Networking Opportunities and Connections

There is no better place for networking opportunities and building industry connections than New York City and the surrounding cities, like Bridgeport, CT. This melting pot of talent offers students the opportunity to thrive through connecting with professionals and experts in almost every industry and field.

University of Bridgeport, for example, is uniquely situated between Boston and New York City, giving students access to internships and clinical experiences working with leaders in many different organizations and companies across the region.

Furthermore, our classes are taught by expert faculty and staff with the expertise, experience, and connections to guide students through college and into a career they love.

3. Low Costs

College is a significant financial decision and can be even more significant if you attend school in an expensive place, like New York City, where tuition is not the only thing students pay for.

Housing in New York City is extremely costly, and everything you do, from eating to commuting to school, will cost even more money, putting more strain on students’ finances.

It’s for this very reason that another benefit of going to college near New York is that students can avoid the costs of city living with lower rent while reaping all the aforementioned benefits of being close to the city

4. Less Distractions

New York City can feel overwhelming, especially with many people and activities. This is especially true for students who prefer calmer environments or for those who struggle with prioritizing their studies.

Universities near New York, on the other hand, allow students a calmer environment where they can focus on their studies and college experience overall. This ability to focus and prioritize will also ensure that students have a better chance to graduate with high honors and achieve their greater career goals.

Universities near New York City are an excellent option for students looking to take advantage of networking opportunities and cultural diversity but avoid the costs and distractions associated with city living.

University of Bridgeport is the perfect place for students to achieve their goals and more. Find out more information about our school, our flexible degree programs, and financial aid packages by contacting us today.

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