Student Health Insurance


The University of Bridgeport Health Insurance Policy is mandatory for full-time undergraduates, international students, and all residential students. Students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan provided by the University and are billed on their student account. If a domestic student can show proof of comparable private health insurance, the University insurance may be waived by submitting a waiver form by the designated due date.  For more information, email

All full-time undergraduate students, all students living in campus housing, all athletes and Health Sciences majors are enrolled in the Injury plan at registration and this may not be waived.

Policy and Waiver Form

For links to the insurance policy and the online waiver form, go to the Consolidated Health Plan UB Student Insurance website at:

The health insurance waiver for the FALL 2015 semester is available from July 1, 2015 to September 1, 2015. Waivers will not be accepted after the deadline of September 1, 2015. If you are enrolling as a new student in the Spring Semester, the deadline was February 13, 2015.

Insurance Claims (CURRENT)

During the transition weeks while students are settling in and insurance is in the process of being confirmed prescriptions will be covered on a reimbursement basis.

This means that during the next few weeks students will have to pay the pharmacy for their prescriptions and then submit the bills for reimbursement.

Because pharmacies will not accept telephone verification of insurance, but must be able to verify coverage and fill prescriptions via the PCS computer systems, it will not be possible until after September 15.

So, in the meantime, if you need a prescription filled here is the procedure.

  • Complete the Prescription Drug Claim Form.
  • Send the form to:
    Express Scripts, Inc.
    P.O. Box 66773
    St. Louis, MO 63166-6773
    ATTN: Claims Department
  • Pharmacy receipts should include the name of the drug, date prescribed and the cost.
    Once the list of insured University of Bridgeport students has been finalized and in the PCS computer system, you will be able to obtain your prescriptions by paying only your co-payment per the student insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get my Student Health Insurance Card?

Student Health Insurance cards for the school year will not be available until about one month after the semester begins. You can find a temporary card on the back of the brochure on the website:

Your ID is “UB” plus your 7-digit ID.

This card will only be valid for students that are enrolled in the UB Student Health Insurance.

You can use this temporary card for office visits, however if you are picking up a prescription, you will need to claim the prescription cost when your permanent card comes in.

All students on Student Insurance will be emailed when the cards will be available for pick up.

Important Reminders about Student Health Insurance

* You should keep this insurance card with you at all times and present it as necessary when you visit a healthcare provider, the emergency room, or when picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. * If you have any questions, please contact Student Health Services at 576-4712, or email or email

Who is automatically enrolled in the plan?

All University students (except distance learning) are automatically enrolled in the Injury Plan at registration.

All Full time undergraduate students, all students living in campus housing, all athletes and all Health Science majors are required to participate and are automatically enrolled in the Injury Plan at registration.

All Full time undergraduate students and all students in on campus housing are required to participate and are automatically enrolled in the sickness plan at registration and charges are added to their account, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished by the deadline date indicated during the waiver process.

All International students are required to participate and are automatically enrolled in both the Injury and Sickness plans at registration and charges are added to their account. Coverage for International Students cannot be waived.

If I am not automatically enrolled, am I eligible to enroll? If so, how do I enroll?

Part Time students taking at least 6 credit hours and Graduate students who are not international students or living in campus housing may participate in the Injury and Sickness Insurance on a voluntary basis. The enrollment form is on the website:
This enrollment form must be submitted on-line by the specified date or within 30 days of a qualifying event (such as marriage, birth of a child, loss of other coverage).

I was automatically enrolled and would like to waive my insurance. How do I waive out?

You must complete the online waiver form and send in your insurance card to the address specified during this process. This must be completed by the date specified.

I received a bill and it does not look like the insurance company paid. What should I do?

You should call CHP at 1-800-633-7867 or go online to where you will find how to contact Consolidated Health Plan.

International students are not eligible to waive out of UB Student Health Insurance.

What does the plan cover? Does it cover Pre-existing Conditions?

You can view the plan benefits on the website:

What does the Insurance need if I am injured?

Any students who sustains an injury must submit in writing details of how, when and where the injury occurred. Students may use the Student Claim Form to submit this information.
Does the insurance need a claim form if I am sick? No.

I am graduating and wish to extend my insurance beyond July 31.

If you are graduating from UB and wish to extend the insurance after July 31, you must notify Risk Strategies via e-mail at, prior to May 31.