Studio ControlsUB’s Music & Performing Arts Program offers the four-year Bachelor of Music degree with three distinct concentrations: Music Business, Music Education, and Music Performance. We also offer minors in Music and  in Theater. Many music majors complete the requirements for more than one concentration.  Successful graduates of the program can be found performing and teaching throughout the state and region, and have gone on to graduate study at leading schools.

The program core consists of:

– Four semesters of music theory
– Four semesters of aural theory
– Four or more courses in music history
– Two semesters of piano study
– One semester of music technology
– Private lessons on the major instrument each  semester of residence
– Performing in one or more ensembles each  semester of residence

Music Business

A combination of intensive musical studies and courses in UB’s Ernest Trefz School of Business designed to help musicians become entrepreneurial professionals ready to succeed in today’s marketplace. Qualified candidates who complete this concentration are competitive candidates for admission to MBA programs at UB and elsewhere.

Music Education

The Music Education concentration is designed to provide foundational training and experiences for prospective music teachers, and prepare them to enter a master’s degree program in music education. The Music Program and the University’s School of Education offer a master’s degree (M.S.) which leads to initial teaching certification in music. Qualified candidates who complete this concentration receive preferred consideration for admission to the graduate program. Students can complete their BM and MS in five consecutive years, with an additional semester for resident teaching. Graduates of this program enjoy a competitive job placement rate and have built careers as exemplary music teachers throughout the state and region.


Music Performance

The Music Performance concentration is designed to refine and develop skills essential to professional musicians. Extensive collaborative performing experience in ensembles, solo performance, and private study on a major instrument are central to this concentration.  Students are expected to study a major instrument, including bass, bassoon, clarinet, drum set, flute, guitar, harpsichord, horn, oboe, percussion piano, saxophone, sitar, tabla, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, violincello, or voice.



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