B.S. in Fashion Merchandising-Suggested Schedule

First Semester

Engl C101 Composition & Rhetoric General Education Elective
A&D 103 Visual Organization I
FM 101 Fashion Fundamentals Elective

Second Semester

FM 108 Product Knowledge-Fashion Accessories
Retl 102 Merchandising Mathematics
Retl 205 Textiles I
MIS 191 Computer Concepts
Math C105 Intermediate Algebra or Math 108 Ideas of Mathematics

Third Semester

Retl 180 Seminar in Professional Development
Retl 206 Textiles II
Retl 207 Strategies of Selling
Retl 213 Retail Human Resource Management
Retl 280 Industry Internship

Fourth Semester

FM 270 Fashion Show (1 credit)
Retl 201 Retail Advertising and Fashion Promotion
Retl 203 Fashion & Retail Buying I
Hum C201 Humanities I
MCom 205 Inter Comm
or MCom 110 Public Speaking
SoSc C201 Social Sciences I

Fifth Semester

FA C101 Fine Arts
SoSc C202 Social Science II
Retl 300 Mass Merchandising/Marketing
Mktg 305 Principles of Marketing
Hum C202 Humanities

Sixth Semester

Sci C101 Natural Science Core
IntSt C101 Integrated Studies
Retl 313 Retail Management II
SoSc C202 Social Science II
FM 305 Home Furnishings

Seventh Semester

Sci C102 Natural Science Core
Acct 101 Financial Accounting
Retl 330 International Fashion/Marketing Elective (Core)
Retl 304 Fashion & Retail Buying II

Eighth Semester

Caps C390 Capstone Seminar
Retl 308 Advanced Textiles
FM 303 History of Costume Electives (2 courses)

Total Semester Hours: 121 Credits