BSEE Learning Outcomes

  1. Our graduates will understand the basics of classical Electrical Engineering – they will have the ability to design and analyze electronic circuit diagrams.
  2. Our graduates will be trained in writing technical reports, especially as these reports apply to issues of electricity, machines/controllers, energy/power, signals/communications, materials, and electronic device analysis. They will also be good “book keepers” of data and incidents related to the study of a particular problem or task.
  3. Our graduates will be able to use the computer for scientific analysis. This includes problem solving and data collection/analysis.
  4. Our graduates will be able to design and build circuits/devices in a laboratory setting and analyze same.
  5. Our graduates will have expertise in at least one sub-field of Electrical Engineering, and they will have a general knowledge of many other topics in Electrical Engineering and other branches of engineering, including many topics that are not in their field of expertise.