EE Electives are chosen from the list of total Electrical and Computer Engineering courses at the Junior level (300 level) or the Senior level (400 level). EE 247 is at the 200-level. The 400 level courses listed here and all other 400 level EE courses are available to all EE seniors who are in good standing. As an elective, a 500 level course can be taken by the Senior EE student, but only with the department chair’s permission. NO 600 level courses are accepted toward the BSEE and the MSEE.

EE Electives

EE 247 Electronic Materials and Devices

EE 315 Optical Communications

EE 316 Fiber Optics Lab

EE 336 Digital Design II [new as a cross-list with Cpe 315]

EE 346 Fundamentals — MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)

EE 334 Energy Conversion

EE 344 Power Electronics

EE 350 Communications Lab [new]

EE 361 Controls Lab

EE 383 Digital IC design [new]

EE 387 Embedded Systems Lab

EE 388 Analog IC design [new]

EE 403 Radio Frequency VLSI

EE 404 Digital VLSI

EE 405 Random Signal Processing

EE 407 Fuzzy Logic Systems

EE 410 Biosensors

EE 411 Advanced PLCs

EE 412 Introduction to Bioelectronics

EE 413 Bioinformatics

EE 414 Laser Applications

EE 418 Renewable Energy

EE 419 Fuel Cells

EE 420 Hybrid Vehicles

EE 428 Modern Wireless Communications

EE 429 Electronic Cooling

EE 430 Satellite Communications

EE 435 Electric Machines

EE 436 Advanced Power Systems Analysis

EE 437 Microwave Circuits

EE 439 Radar Theory and Simulation

EE 441 RF Communications

EE 442 Digital Communications

EE 443 Digital Signal Processing

EE 449 Wireless Sensor Networks

EE 452 Multimedia Signal Processing

EE 453 Pattern Recognition

EE 454 Audio Signal Processing

EE 455 Microwave Circuits Lab

EE 456 Adaptive Signal Processing

EE 459 Audio Processing Lab

EE 438 Power Systems Analysis

EE 440 Electric Power Distribution Systems

EE 445 Motor Drives


EE 451 Nanotechnology

EE 458 Analog VLSI

EE 461 Advanced Controls

EE 463 Industrial Process Control and Instrumentation

EE 464 PLCs or Programmable Logic Control

EE 467 Introduction to Mechatronics

EE 468 Digital Control Systems

EE 469 Microcontrollers Lab

EE 480 Digital Electronics

EE 481 Analog Electronics Lab

EE 491 Nuclear Electric Power Generation