Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Degree

 Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

Electrical Engineering B.S. Overview

Electrical Engineering is the basis of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering. We tend to be excited by the breakthroughs in smart phones, iPads/minicomputer, improved medical machinery, GPS, and a host of other gadgets that make our modern life more exciting and more comfortable. Electrical Engineering is the field that gives us the applied science to build all of these gadgets. It is also the field from which the knowledge will come for the creation of new gadgets and for the improvement of present-day machinery.

Since it is a universal degree, the BSEE graduate is flexible – the graduate can bend their talents to satisfy the needs of ever-changing technology. This promotes job security for the graduate, and it feeds the appetite of an advancing society. The graduate of this program will obtain the basic education in the first three years. The last year is utilized to explore specific areas of interest. Our graduates will have expertise in at least one sub-field of Electrical Engineering such as electricity, machines/controllers, energy/power, signals/communications, materials, and electronic device analysis. A total of 120 semester hours are required to complete the degree.


  1. The final outcome of this degree is the ability of the graduate to obtain a job they might not otherwise have obtained.
  2. The graduate is able to understand technology, particularly engineering principles and to communicate these principles with others, both verbally and through the writing of technical reports.
  3. The graduate can use this degree as an aid for future advancement to obtain the MSEE (for example) or any other technical degree that rests on the foundation of the BSEE.
  4. The graduate is a strong asset to a society that is ever more becoming dependent on technology and science for its development and growth.




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