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The online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Dental Hygiene degree completion program from The Fones School of Dental Hygiene offers dental hygienists an opportunity to further your education beyond the A.S. degree (NOTE: an Associate Degree or Certificate in Dental Hygiene from an accredited institution is required). You can overcome the obstacle of your work and family schedule and pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Take advantage to learn anytime, from anywhere. The online program holds 8-week accelerated dental hygiene classes for adult learners who are able to find the time and discipline to study with qualified faculty in their subject field.

Program Overview

Founded in 1913, the Fones School of Dental Hygiene joined the University of Bridgeport in 1949. Accredited since 1953, the Fones School of Dental Hygiene is the first school of dental hygiene in the world. The school is named for its founder Dr. Alfred Civilion Fones, a pioneer in the world dental hygiene movement.
A career in dental hygiene offers multiple career opportunities in a variety of settings. The following have been identified by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) as emerging fields for dental hygienists. The ADHA acknowledges that a Bachelor’s degree enhances the hygienist’s ability to succeed in these fields:

  • Educator
  • Researcher
  • Administrator/Manager
  • Advocate
  • Clinician
  • Public Health Dental Hygiene




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