Program Schedule

1st Year

DHYG 500 Leadership
DHYG 507 Dental Health Services Administration

DHYG 502 Evidence-based Research
DHYG 510 Foundations of Healthcare Management

DHYG 515 Statistical Reasoning
DHYG 508 Curriculum Development and Management (Education Track)
DHYG 509 Dental Public Health (Public Health Track)

2nd Year

DHYG 516 Concentrated Practicum
DHYG 503 Clinical and Didactic Educational Concepts (Education Track)
DHYG 511 Epidemiology (Public Health Track)

DHYG 513 Seminar in Contemporary Dental Hygiene Issues

DHYG 504 Dental Hygiene Student Teaching (Education Track)
NUTR 560H Developmental Nutrition (Public Health Track)

DHYG 501 Grant and Contract Writing
DHYG 520 Master’s Capstone

After completing the two years of course work the Master’s Degree Candidate will continuously register for DHYG 521 Capstone Extension (1 credit) until final approval of Capstone thesis/professional project is granted and graduation will be certified.