Curriculum and Program Requirements

Each of the two specializations of the program requires the completion of a Masters Capstone. The program is 36 credits in length, designed to be completed in two calendar years (6 credits per semester), and must be completed in five years.

This graduate program has the advantage of building on the current successful Dental Hygiene program, and the ability to collaborate with faculty appointments and departmental resources. The University offers graduate health science programs leading to a Masters in Physician Assistant, Masters in Human Nutrition, Masters in Acupuncture, Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

In addition, the University offers graduate programs in Engineering, Education, Business, Counseling and Human Resources. By offering shared educational and clinical opportunities, the University intends to develop an integrated program of study, utilizing existing resources.

Summary of Requirements

Fones School of Dental Hygiene – Master of Science Degree

Core Requirements (27 credits)
DHYG 500 Leadership in Dental Hygiene 3
DHYG 501 Grant and Contract Writing 3
DHYG 502 Evidence Based Research 3
DHYG 507 Dental Health Services Administration 3
DHYG 510 Foundations of Managed Health Care 3
DHYG 513 Seminar in Contemporary Dental Hygiene Issues 3
DHYG 515 Statistical Reasoning 3
DHYG 516 Concentrated Practicum 3
DHYG 520 Dental Hygiene Capstone 3

And one of the following Components (9 credits):

Dental Hygiene Education
DHYG 503 Clinical and Didactic Educational Concepts 3
DHYG 504 Student Teaching in Dental Hygiene Education 3
DHYG 508 Curriculum Development and Management 3

Dental Public Health
DHYG 509 Dental Public Health 3
DHYG 511 Epidemiology 3
NUTR 560H Developmental Nutrition 3

Graduation Requirements

Dental Hygiene Capstone

Each of the two specializations of the program requires the completion of a Dental Hygiene Capstone.