what is a masters degree value

The Value of a Master’s Degree

You’ve worked hard to earn your bachelor’s degree, and now you need to start making choices that will impact the direction your life takes.

Do you start your career?

Do you apply to graduate school?

Do you do both at the same time?

It’s not an easy decision.

Choosing to earn your master’s degree means evaluating everything going on in your life and deciding if moving into graduate school is the right move for you right now.

Whether a master’s degree is worth it depends on your career goals and, in part, your personal goals. Wanting to learn more and grow your skills is a great reason to enter a graduate degree program. The question then becomes, “Can I afford my master’s degree right now?” and “Do I have the time to dedicate towards earning my master’s degree?”

The short answer is, yes, a master’s degree is worth it, but to help you decide for yourself, we’re breaking down five reasons a master’s degree will give you a positive return on the investment you make in yourself.

You Can Earn More Money.

On average, people with master’s degrees earn $1,500 per week — $500 more than those with an associate or bachelor’s degree (Source). Holding a master’s degree increases your lifetime earning potential while reducing your risk of being out of work or going without health insurance.

Earning more money can help you set yourself up for a successful future — one where you can accomplish more of your goals because you’re financially secure. Before choosing a master’s program, you should be sure you’re choosing an institution that will lead to those higher-paying jobs through career-focused programs and majors.

2. You’ll Qualify for More Job Opportunities.

Many fields require a graduate degree for entry-level positions, such as librarian, lawyer, or counselor. If your career goals involve one of these fields, your decision has already been made for you. But if your career aspirations don’t require a master’s degree right away, earning one can help you position yourself to be more competitive in the job market.

Managers today are looking for experienced and knowledgeable people to join their teams. Earning an advanced degree shows potential hiring managers that you have advanced training in your field and the leadership qualities you need for growth and success in your career. Earning your master’s degree can also lead to more job security. The period right after college is a unique time in your life where you’re making choices that will impact your future. A master’s degree makes it easier for you to withstand the ebbs and flows of any economy while you’re starting to build that future.

3. You’ll Develop Your Leadership Qualities.

A master’s degree program is the perfect opportunity to grow your people skills. Much of your time in graduate school is spent learning the advanced knowledge you need in your field. You’re also building the soft skills that are increasingly more important in leadership roles in companies of all sizes. Knowing how to communicate effectively, empathize with others, and use your voice when needed are skills companies are looking for in their leaders.

4. You’ll Gain Credibility.

Subject matter experts support companies of all sizes across all industries with the most up-to-date knowledge in their fields. Earning a master’s degree deepens your knowledge and sets you apart as someone with specialized experience. With a master’s, you can stay on top of your industry’s best practices and develop new strengths and skillsets that companies need for their leadership teams.

5. You’ll Feel Accomplished.

Going into a master’s degree program means giving up your free time to challenge yourself in ways you’ve never experienced. Earning that diploma gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence. While a sense of accomplishment doesn’t directly lead to a higher salary, a positive sense of self and self-worth are key contributors to career success. For many of us, advancing our education is an essential part of developing our confidence in the workplace.

Job security, higher earning potential, and gaining respect are all priceless points of value of a master’s degree. If you think pursuing a graduate degree is the right choice, here are a few things to look for in a master’s degree program.

Look for Programs that Offer a Positive Work-Life-Balance.

Choosing a program that offers flexibility in when and how you attend classes will help you fit your school schedule into your busy life. University of Bridgeport offers hybrid or fully online programs so you can continue working while taking classes.

Look for a School that Offers Grants and Scholarship Opportunities.

Graduate school is an expensive investment in your future — especially since you can’t reach that higher earning potential until after you complete your degree. University of Bridgeport’s Financial Aid team is committed to helping you navigate the financial aid process so you can earn your degree the smart way.

University of Bridgeport will partner with you to help you advance your education and achieve your personal and professional goals. We offer career-focused master’s degree programs that will help you deepen your knowledge and build the skills you need for a rewarding career.

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