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Purple Knight Perspectives: On Life and Learning at UB

By: Yemarah Dallas

When it comes to the UB lifestyle, Juan Obispo believes the more, the merrier. Only in his sophomore year at University of Bridgeport, Obispo has achieved several leadership roles, including Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA), Student Ambassador, and Orientation Leader. He was even waitlisted to be a Resident Assistant. This doesn’t stop Obispo. He’s always ready to climb the next mountain.

Even as a commuter, Juan Obispo is a living example of the vibrant campus life at UB. “I wake up, eat, study, work, and then sleep,” says Obispo, modestly describing a typical day. His proactive mindset and belief in finding solutions are what set him apart.

I sat down with Obispo to discuss his inspiring approach to getting the most out of his UB experience — but first, some stats.

Juan Obispo is a UB Nursing student going into his junior year.

Age: 18

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Bridgeport

Current UB positions: Vice President of Student Government Association, Student Ambassador, and Orientation Leader

Career aspirations: Cardiothoracic surgeon

Q: Describe the leadership roles you’ve taken on here at UB.

JO: As of my first year on campus, I have obtained four different roles. During the fall semester as a first-year student, I became a student ambassador, and during the spring semester, I became the 2027 class representative in the Student Government Association . However, I am now able to say that I am vice president of the organization. I am also an orientation leader, which will start in July.

Q: What is a quote you live by?

JO: “It is better to know the outcome than never to have known at all.” To me, it means that you should do everything you want to do in life. It tells us humans have a set amount of time here on earth, and we can create our own reality, so why waste time wondering about the ‘5 W’s’ (who, what, when, where, and why) when you can live through it and find out?

Q: What is your advice for incoming students?

JO: A piece of advice I always give to incoming students is to get involved on campus. What people say about college is true. It could be the best years of your life, but that is if you make them out to be. The people you meet here could make these four years good, and you should connect with a variety of people from different majors to gain connections for future references.

Q: Which of your classes makes you most excited to learn?

JO: My anatomy and physiology class excites me. It taught me about the human body, how things react to each other, and how the human body works in general.

Q: Who or what inspires you?

JO: The person who inspires me the most is my mother. Seeing how far she has come to better not only her future but also the lives of her future children make me proud to be her child.

Obispo continues to plot his future with enthusiasm. Right behind his passion is a love of learning. For Obispo, learning through the journey of life is everything.

About the writer:

Since the age of twelve, Yemarah Dallas has been writing personal narratives, poems, and stories. She is also passionate about books, fashion, movies, and creativity. She is currently a student at University of Bridgeport pursuing a bachelor’s in English and Professional Writing.