How Long to Earn a Bachelors in Psychology

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Bachelor’s in Psychology?

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is an exciting opportunity to learn why people think and behave the way they do. But you might be wondering how long earning that degree will take.

And not every student can commit the same amount of time to a bachelor’s degree. If you already have a busy life, enrolling in a program without knowing exactly how long it will take can be intimidating.

Thankfully, you aren’t limited to a traditional Psychology program timeline. In the era of online learning, you can pick a program with a duration and schedule that works best for your life.

University of Bridgeport offers multiple pathways to earning your Psychology degree with different durations, so you can complete your bachelor’s degree and start pursuing a career on your own schedule.

This guide will discuss typical expectations and program lengths for completing a BS in Psychology, as well as some options to pursue once you earn your degree.

What to expect from a BS in Psychology program

A Psychology program provides students with an understanding of a broad range of areas of psychology — from developmental to social to abnormal, plus everything in between. You’ll build knowledge regarding psychological theories and research while developing the technical and professional skills to apply them.

Later, in most programs, students can specialize in what they find fascinating about psychology. With the flexibility to choose courses that support professional ambitions, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares students for rewarding and unique careers.

Learn more about UB’s requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology programs at UB

At UB, there are several psychology programs to choose from. No matter which program you decide on, all are facilitated by expert UB faculty members with professional experience in the field to give you a high-quality learning experience.

Ultimately, the most significant factor is how long you want to spend earning your bachelor’s degree in Psychology, so go for the one with the best timeline for you.

On-campus BS in Psychology

The on-campus option is a great fit for students seeking a traditional college experience while pursuing their BS in Psychology.

This program typically takes about four years to complete. You’ll attend classes on campus to build your knowledge of psychology theories and research while practicing clinical and professional skills.

With a 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio (based on 2023-2024 data), you’ll get the support you need in your education while developing strong relationships with your professors and classmates.

Online BS in Psychology

If you’re a working professional or can’t regularly leave home to attend classes on campus but want to pursue an education in psychology, the online BS Psychology degree could be a good fit.

With this program, you can study for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology on your timeline. It’s possible to complete an online bachelor’s in the same amount of time as an on-campus bachelor’s, but that might not be the best schedule for you. An online Psychology program lets you take as much or as little time you need to complete your degree.

And even though you’ll be online, you won’t be alone on your journey. With virtual learning technology, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to communicate and collaborate with your professors and classmates.

Learn about more reasons to get your psychology degree online and the online psychology courses offered.


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Maybe you’ve thought about studying psychology for a while. Maybe you’re absolutely sure about the career path you want to pursue and know you have a long journey ahead of you full of graduate school and certifications.

If that sounds like you, then UB offers accelerated opportunities in a number of programs, including the Psychology program, for motivated students.

Instead of the usual four-year program length, you’ll be able to earn your bachelor of science in Psychology in as few as three years.

You’ll get all the same learning opportunities as the traditional Bachelor’s in Psychology program in a shorter period of time. So if you have clear professional goals and aren’t afraid of a rigorous academic schedule, you can get to the next step of your career sooner.

Next steps for graduates with a BS in Psychology

Earning your bachelor of science in Psychology is just the beginning of your professional journey, but maybe you don’t know what you want to do after.

Here are a few options for graduates with a BS in Psychology:

Career paths

Maybe you’re ready to start working as soon as you get your degree. Well, good news! A BS in Psychology can help you in all sorts of positions, such as

  • Case worker
  • Human resources manager
  • Public relations manager
  • School faculty member
  • Technical writer

And the list doesn’t stop there! Learn more about potential careers with a BS in Psychology.


Some positions might require specific certification or licensing once you get your bachelor’s degree in Psychology. It’s not impossible to find a job without it, but getting certified can make your job hunt a lot easier.

A few certifications to consider are:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Certified Alzheimer Caregiver
  • Certified Sexuality Educator or Counselor
  • Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT)

Graduate programs

For many psychology students, a bachelor’s is the beginning of their education. After earning a BS in Psychology, you may consider pursuing a master’s or doctorate if you are interested in advanced opportunities like clinical psychology, experimental psychology, education, or social work. A bachelor’s in Psychology can even prepare you for an unexpected educational turn, like attending law school.

Start your bachelor’s degree in Psychology today

There’s no reason to wait — if you want a BS in psychology, there’s a program for you. And the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have a degree that can unlock unique and interesting career opportunities for you.

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