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University of Bridgeport Builds on Momentum, Announces Enrollment Increase for Second Straight Year

University of Bridgeport (UB) is proud to announce another year of remarkable success for the fall 2023 semester. Building on the momentum from fall 2022, which saw UB’s first enrollment increase in five years, UB has seen continued growth in its student population.

The fall 2022 and 2023 enrollment periods saw an overall increase in total student enrollment of nearly 34%, highlighting an upward trajectory that tells the story of a university cultivating a promising future. This fall, UB welcomed 1,251 new students bringing its overall student population to 4,130 students — a testament to UB’s continued dedication to providing a high-quality education in a supportive learning environment.

Key highlights of UB’s fall 2023 enrollment success include:

  • 469 new undergraduate enrollments
  • 782 new graduate enrollments
  • 568 international students from 31 countries
  • 49% year-over-year increase in master’s in Computer Science students
  • 99 new student-athletes to UB’s NCAA Division II athletics program

“University of Bridgeport is proud to see such outstanding growth in our fall 2023 enrollment numbers,” said Danielle Wilken, Ed. D., President of University of Bridgeport. “This achievement reflects our commitment to providing a transformative education that empowers students to succeed in an ever-changing world. We are thrilled to welcome a diverse group of new students who will undoubtedly contribute to our vibrant community.”

UB’s experienced faculty and their commitment to academic excellence, combined with a robust selection of more than 50 academic programs of study including business, engineering, health sciences, human services, and new programs like eSports, have made UB an increasingly attractive choice for students seeking to reach their educational, professional, and personal goals. UB is also proud to offer a broad range of student support services, clubs and activities, and financial aid options, making higher education more inclusive and accessible for all students.

Dr. Allison Garris, Dean of Admissions at University of Bridgeport, reflected, “Our admissions team has worked tirelessly to connect with prospective students, guiding them through the admissions process and showcasing the unique opportunities UB offers. The remarkable growth in enrollment tells the story of our team’s hard work and dedication and all the qualities that make UB exceptional.”

Mayul Im, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs – Chief Academic Officer for UB, added, “It is the value of our commitment — of faculty, staff, and administration — to provide quality academic programs in a truly diverse and welcoming setting that students have noticed and come for at UB.”

Looking forward, UB has already received over 12,000 applications for the spring 2024 semester. As University of Bridgeport continues to grow, it remains dedicated to providing students with a dynamic and supportive learning environment, fostering innovation, and preparing graduates for success in their chosen fields.

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